Stolen Parking Spot

You head to the mall for some holiday shopping and, just as you’re about to park, someone steals your parking spot. Do you do something for revenge or do you stay in the holiday spirit and not let it bother you—and let karma do the dirty work?

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One thought on “Stolen Parking Spot

  1. untoe

    It was the day before Christmas Eve and I had one more present to buy – it was Tickle Me Elmo – and nothing was going to stand in my way. I had called KB Toys ahead of time, with one in stock the associate agreed to hold it for me. The only problem was they were going to be closing in fifteen minutes.
    I was refraining from all sorts of profanity as I trudged my way through this never ending zoo of idiots on the street, only to come across one last schmuck in the parking lot. A shiny, dark green BMW cut me off and stole my parking spot. “I might be in a mini-van but I was here first,” I screamed. Knowing there was nothing I could do I moved on and found another spot.
    I thought, ‘I’ll wait for him at the mall entrance and give him a piece of my mind.’ Waiting for him to get out of his car in this twenty degree winter chill seemed to drag on forever. I looked at my watch and had five minutes till closing.
    A twinge of panic hit my gut as an image of that cute, cuddly giggler flashed through my mind. I flew through the front door of KB’s with three minutes to spare. A young man with a company shirt on saw me and asked, “Are you looking for Elmo?”
    With a red face and beads of swear forming on top of my bald head, I struggled through heavy breathing to say, “Yes… I called earlier… and had one… put on hold… for Gary.”
    Eric – as I noticed on his name tag – looked at me with a grin of sympathy and said, “Yes sir, I know right where it is. I’ll go get it for you.”
    I paid for the toy and headed back to my car. Upon exiting the mall I was surprised to see that a small group of people had formed around the green BMW. I also noticed a screaming siren in the distance. Knowing there wasn’t anything that I could do, I headed for my mini-van and left.
    Christmas Eve had come. All of my family arrived. As we sat around the living room to do our gift exchange, the television played “It’s A Wonderful Life.”
    “We interrupt this program with an important news bulletin,” the reporter chimed in. “Local attorney, Arnold White, was found slain yesterday next to his BMW in the parking lot of Town Center Mall. Police have released information on the incident, telling us that he suffered multiple stab wounds as he was robbed upon exiting his car. Although the assailant fled the scene, police caught him a few blocks away robbing a covenience store.”
    The program returned after that. I sat in awe for amoment as I realized what a blessing it was that he stole my parking spot. If I would have parked there, I wouldn’t be enjoying Christmas with my family. I’d be dead.


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