Returning to Campus

On the 10th anniversary of your college graduation, you and your closest college friends decide to return to campus for a weekend to relive your “glory days.” Things go awry, though, when late in the evening one of your friends runs into an ex-girlfriend.

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One thought on “Returning to Campus

  1. kathleenmagner

    Sam nudged his elbow but Daniel kept his cup from toppling. “Watch it.”

    White wine sloshed over the plastic rim like the words from his mouth and wet Daniel’s hand. When he started searching for a napkin, the ballroom spun, taking the crowded table, the throng on the dance floor, and the open bar with it.

    Sam chuckled. “Sorry man, but you’ll never guess who just walked in.”

    “Someone with a mop I hope,” said Daniel.

    “That can’t be her.” Rick slouched against the table, making the stubby candles quiver, the dessert plates clink, and the pile of paper napkins tumble.

    Daniel collected one, although if he’d asked his fingers, they might have denied his success. He dabbed at the drops while Sam belted the rest of his drink and dragged his sleeve across his mouth.

    “She hasn’t changed a bit.”


    Daniel swiveled to the double doors and the red of Amanda’s dress blinded in him with a sheet of scarlet. The hue hugged curves barely plumper than ten years before, but as he blinked his vision straight, he noted stiffer features, including a chin held out as if waiting for a knife to slice. Her gaze flicked around the room and Daniel fell into her periwinkle eyes.

    Freeing one red tipped fingernail from around the cup and napkin combo nestled in her hand, Amanda wiggled in their direction. Her other arm and the aim of her feet, however, remained locked with the suited man escorting her into the reunion.

    As they started a circuit about the ballroom, Daniel waved back.

    “Guess she remembers you,” said Rick.

    Sam scratched at his chin, as if his brain had migrated south and he could stimulate those synapses. “You haven’t seen her since the airport right?”

    “No, the night before.” Daniel winced and fell back into his drink. “I never made it to the airport.”

    “Right, right.”

    Rick fumbled out of his chair and teetered on his feet. “I think I’m going to need another drink for this show.”

    “Me too.”

    Daniel’s knees refused to unbend and his ass stayed firmly on the chair’s thin cushion. Stuck in place, he stared into the dregs of his cup as Amanda’s heels rode over the inebriated conversations of those reconnecting after a decade of separate lives. He sensed her nearing as her route with the suit brought them about, her tangerine perfume curling into his nose and charging every nerve in his heart.

    “Amanda.” Sam spread his arms wide and she unhooked herself from the suit for a swift embrace.

    “I didn’t expect to see you here.” Her smile warmed her face.

    “We got the whole gang for the most part.”

    With a wave of his arm, Sam started her around the table and Amanda indulged everyone with quick hugs. Daniel noted the suit, or he imagined her husband by the golden band, eyeing her progress.

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