Presidential Candidate

You’re in bed and you awaken to a presidential candidate standing outside your window, staring into your face with a giant smile. What’s going on? (Fictional candidates, preferably).

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One thought on “Presidential Candidate

  1. wickedDream

    Sorry if this is bit long, but I decided to challenge myself with this prompt since no one commented. Here goes:

    Tat! Tat! Tat! Amanda awoke slowly to the repeated tapping as it grew louder and more urgent. Who could be knocking at this ungodly hour? She thought as she started to roll out of bed when something caught her attention in the window.
    She gasped as she covered her mouth with her hands to keep from screaming. Towering in her window bedroom window was Edward Madison, a presidential candidate. He locked eyes with Amanda, smiling as she became acutely aware that he was not standing outside her window but floating, but floating outside her window, that was on the twenty-seventh floor.
    “Oh god!” She cried
    “Amazing,” Edward Madison spoke up as he ran his fingers through his brownish grey hair. “The descendant of my enemy, of whom I believed his line died out with his great, great, great, great, grandson. Your father.”
    Amanda reached slowly for her cellphone as she watched him hover from end of her window to the other before all hell broke loose.
    Her window had shattered as he grabbed her wrist and started twisting her arm to drop her phone. “Tsk, Tsk, tsk, you should know better.”
    “Who are you?” She began to cry as he wiped her tears away.
    “No the better question is who are you?” He asked as he pulled her chocolate brown shoulder length hair back from her face. “You have never wondered who your real family really is?”
    She started shaking as she shook her head no.
    “Ah but you have, you see,” He said as he flashed his fangs for a moment, which sent Amanda cowering in the corner. “An alert when off when you were searching for who your real family was, Amanda Van Helsing.”
    Van helsing? She blinked, The vampire hunter?
    “Your related to an ancient line of vampire hunters of which makes you like a long lost princess.” He chuckled, ” A princess whose line will die with her.”
    Edward moved closer, baring his fangs as he fought to keep her nerves under control. If I’m related to to the fabled Van Helsing, then surely I have the ability to survive, she thought. Looking around the room for something to use as a weapon, when she felt the silver cross necklace shift under her t-shirt.
    Thank god, as she reached for it. “You know what? You talk too much.” Amanda snapped as she thrust the silver cross against his cheek. He hissed as he burst into flames and backhanded her across the room and sent her crashing into her nightstand, that buckled beneath her.
    “You know I was going to give you the honour of a quick and painless death, ” He wheezed as he rose up off the ground with his back to her. As Edward adjusted his suit and dusted himself she looked around for anything that would stop him when grabbed the broken wooden leg of her night stand. Getting up off the floor she braced herself against the wall for a moment before charging at him as he whooshed around to meet the wooden stake through the heart.
    “I voted for James Woodmore.”


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