Mystery Cookie

One day you come into work and find a cookie mysteriously placed on your desk. Grateful to whoever left this anonymous cookie, you eat it. The next morning you come in and find another cookie. This continues for months until one day a different object is left–and this time there’s a note.

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Cookie

  1. HonorAcade

    On a chilly winter day I get up early in the morning to go to work. When I was about to leave the house I was thinking what to have for breakfast — bagel or a toast?
    Since I spent too much time on choosing what to eat, I was late for work. I sped out the door, went inside my car, and drove away. While I was driving, I forgot to grab my breakfast. Oh man! Now I’m talking to myself.
    When I arrived to my office, I found something strange on my desk. A chocolate chip cookie was mysteriously sitting there. There was no letter or anything next to the cookie. I didn’t know who’s cookie it was so I ate the cookie. I was very hungry that time, so why not and eat the cookie? For the rest of the day, I was fine.
    My shift was over, so I walked over to my car and headed home.
    During the night I randomly remembered the cookie on my desk. I wondered who put that yummy chocolate chip cookie on my desk. I thought it was the person who was pushing the mobile food carts in the morning, but I remember that he wasn’t there yet. So I was thinking maybe if I do the same routine every day I would get a cookie on my desk, again.
    The next morning I did the same routine as I skipped my breakfast, ran to my car, and rushed to work. When I arrived at work, on my desk again there was a beautiful and delicious looking cookie. I noticed that doing the same thing over again can help me get a cookie on my desk every day.
    One day when I arrived at work there was no cookie on my desk. Where’s my cookie? I even did the same routine, but the cookie didn’t appear on my desk. I started to wonder why the cookie wasn’t there today. So for the rest of the day, I kept trying to figure out what I have done wrong.
    A few months went by with not a single cookie on my desk. When I arrived at work I was surprised to find a mysterious cup of hot coffee on my desk. Next to the hot coffee there was a mysterious letter instead of a cookie.
    While I was working I wondered who put that hot coffee on my desk. I had a plan.
    I grabbed some things from home and went back to the office. I pretended to stay longer at work, and waited while everybody was gone. When the office was empty, I grabbed my sleeping bag and my makeup bag. If I was going to know who this stranger was, I would have to catch him (or her) in the act. I crawled under my desk and I slept there all night until five o’clock in the morning, when I heard footsteps coming towards me. I crawled out of my desk slowly and I looked around my cubicle. When I spotted someone I was very scared. I saw the shadow coming, so then I crept back inside my desk. The person came near my desk, but I couldn’t really see the person’s face because it was pitch dark. I looked at my desk and sitting there was the coffee and a letter containing only two words — “LOVE, MOM”.

  2. Sweet.Tartan

    On a dreary Monday morning, the rain threatens to shrink my umbrella as I scuttle across the pavement to 425 First Street. Entering the vast lobby, I pull down my umbrella and shake the water from it and make my way to the elevators. Quickly slipping into one just before it takes off; I hit the tenth floor button.
    The ride up is pleasant enough, and soon my exit is here and I briskly make my way past Reception to my office. We’re a marketing firm, and I am in charge of cultivating ideas and talent and pitching my findings both to my superiors and our clients. I already have a sinking feeling that Jerry, my kind but overly enthusiastic boss, has left me a stack of new demands from our clients to sift through as well as a slew of messages about new ideas to pitch. I have to admire his passion for what we do.
    Finally reaching my office door, I enter and shell off my coat and sopping boots to put on my heels I remembered to stow in my bag. Cringing as the moment of truth gets closer; I walk over to my desk to examine the damage. To my surprise, instead of a stack of files I find a chocolate chip cookie sitting on top of a bright red napkin.
    “Ooh, a cookie!” Without hesitation, I scoop up the small pastry and take a bite. Within three, the whole thing is gone and I am left only with my guilt. Dammit! My mystery chef is out to ruin my post holiday diet. Well, I guess one cookie won’t really make much of a difference.
    Smiling from the mysterious surprise, I sit down and get to work. I may have escaped the files, but I did not escape the messages.
    My busy day winds down and at five o’clock I check out and step back into the downpour to trudge back to my apartment.
    The next morning, I make the all too familiar journey from apartment to office and just like yesterday, I find another cookie.
    What I thought was only going to continue for a few days at most turned into a morning ritual. I found myself expecting a cookie on my desk every morning. I even cut down on my breakfast in anticipation, and to alleviate my guilt.
    Four months after first being surprised with my morning cookie, I walk into my office and instead of a round, sweet treat sitting on a napkin; I find a steaming cup of coffee. “How did they know I didn’t have my second cup?” Tied to the handle is a note. I unfold it and read aloud: “I knew you’d say that.”
    I hastily looked around my empty office seeing nothing else out of place aside from my morning surprise. I was never one to get involved in office politics, but I just might have to spend a little more time around the water cooler.