Elevator Baby

You’re riding an elevator when the power goes out. The situation take a turn when the pregnant woman next to you goes into labor.

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One thought on “Elevator Baby

  1. kathleenmagner

    Jenna heaved herself out of the cab and tipped onto the sidewalk. Placing a hand on her bulbous belly, she caught her balance on the awning’s copper pole despite it wavering like a dangled noodle in the afternoon heat. She closed her eyes, clutched the thin cotton sundress straining over her middle, and willed the world to cease its spin.

    Through the darkness, a hand cupped her elbow. “Doing okay Ms. Parker?”

    Jenna nodded and gave Martin’s weathered face a lean smile. “Just a little dizzy.”

    He released her elbow and cocked his head, the line on his doorman’s cap parallel with the now deeper wrinkles on his forehead. “Should you be out on a day like this in your condition?”

    Shrugging, Jenna swung around her purse and dug her wallet from the mammoth leather sack. “Who else is going to run my errands?”

    His snowy mustache twitched and the sweat on his face glistened, but Martin swallowed whatever answer he had. Instead, he shuffled to the cab’s flung open trunk and began extracting crinkling shopping bags. Meanwhile, Jenna found the fare and offered the bills through the passenger window.

    “Keep the change,” she said, her breath catching with her crunching tilt.

    The cabbie fingered through the ones, then raised a hand in farewell. “Have a good one.”

    “I’m trying.”

    Backpedaling, Jenna grasped the awning’s post again while the cab pulled away and merged into the afternoon slog. Martin plodded to her side, the bulky bags lengthening his arms.

    “Let me take these up for you.”

    “If you can put them in the elevator I can take it from there.”

    “But Ms. Parker—“

    “I’m pregnant Martin, not an invalid.”

    He recoiled at her tone and she immediately regretted the blow.

    “I’m sorry.” Wobbling around, Jenna laid a plump hand on his forearm. “The weather’s getting to me.”

    “I understand Ms.” Martin stuck out his elbow and she slipped her arm through his as they turned toward the front doors. “My Madeline was a dragon with each of our little ones. Not that she was sweet the rest of the time.”

    Jenna chuckled and extracted one bag from his grasp, leaving Martin enough fingers free pull the door open. A wall of chilled air welcomed her and she waddled inside, the skin on her arms and bared legs pebbling. Within her belly, the baby stirred, evidently enjoying the relief as well. Reaching the lone elevator, she pressed the up button while Martin set the bags onto the floor where they wilted against one another in snaps and crunches.

    “Are you sure you can take all of these?”

    “I am.” Straightening her shoulders, Jenna disentangled herself from his arm. “I’m going to have my hands full soon enough so I better get used to it.”

    “You know you’ve got a few of us around here looking out for you.”

    His care brought on a swell of tears, the flood misting the lobby.

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