Brian’s 4th of July Party

Your favorite newsletter editor Brian A. Klems hosted a 4th of July party for the WD staff, forum members and newsletter loyalists. It was all fun and games until one guest got a little out of control and broke Brian’s favorite possession. (What possession? The more creative/silly your answer, the better). Write this scene.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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One thought on “Brian’s 4th of July Party

  1. kathleenmagner

    Glenn took another slug from his beer and wet his lips with a pale tongue, priming them for the punch line. “And when she lifted the lid it all came gushing out, like Old Faithful.”

    Their corner of the living room erupted in laughter. Heads turned from the bar, the television where an epic game of football flew across the screen in bright pixels, and the opened doorway leading to the patio where the grill competed with the cluster of smokers.

    Randy perched on the couch’s armrest, awaiting his turn at the controls. “Gross, Glenn.”

    A round of agreeing murmurs rippled.

    Glenn shrugged. “But funny.”

    “Only if you’re not Christine.”

    “And I’m not.”

    The laughter resurged until a slam, clatter, thud, and shatter shook the whole house. Glasses clinked at the bar and the television wobbled on its wall mounting. The room hushed, the speakers too somehow muted. A shout preceded argumentative tones, the words lost to the interceding corridors.

    Glenn rocked out of his lounge chair, laying one hand on the wall to steady the room’s sudden spin. The plaster trembled under his fingertips when a door down the hallway flung open and footsteps approached like a lead-footed caterpillar.

    Jake rounded the corner and pulled up short before stumbling into the packed living room. “I’m so sorry man.”

    Glenn squinted at him and stared until the three Jakes coalesced into one. “What happened?”

    “I didn’t mean to.”

    “I’m sure it’s fine.” Glenn walked along the wall, those in between scooting and tilting out of his path. Reaching Jake, he planted a hand on the shorter man’s shoulder. “Just tell me.”

    Jake’s eyes went wide. Sweat dotted his forehead and the dent beneath his nose. “They’re broken….”

    “What’s broken?”

    “All of them I think.”

    Glenn’s hand tightened when he sensed Randy’s presence against his back.

    “What’s broken?”

    “The cab—”

    Glenn squeezed, silencing Jake. “Nothing.”

    “That thump wasn’t nothing, Glenn and Jake looks like he’s going to hurl.”

    Glenn spun and thrust a stiff finger into Randy’s chest. “And you look even worse so lay off.”

    “Lay off? I was just make sure everything was okay.”

    Scowling, Glenn wobbled around and motioned Jake down the hallway. “Show me.”

    “Maybe we should wait until tomorrow.” Jake held up two hands halting Glenn’s staggering progress. “There’s a lot of sharp edges and glass.”

    “Glass?” Randy chuckled. “Sharp edges? What’d you break Jake the fine china?”

    “Never mind.”

    Seizing Jake’s shoulder again, Glenn wheeled the shorter man around and dragged him along the hallway. The walls warped with their passage, the shadows and dim light playing havoc with physics. He bowed his head and covered his eyes from the sight.

    “Show me.”

    Jake’s whole body bounced with his nod. “Sure, sure.”

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