Anonymous Love

You’ve been playing Scrabble with an anonymous person online. After some Internet chatting, you realize that the two of you live in the same town and decide to meet at a local pub. What you didn’t expect was to fall in love.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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23 thoughts on “Anonymous Love

  1. UnknownAlias

    Scrabble was one of my favorite games to play. I had lost the actual board game a long time ago but I found a site where you could play it for free. Of course it wasn’t the same but it was close enough. A few people I played with either rage quit, lost connection or just totally destroyed me. I was almost ready to quit, but I decided on one more match. The person greeted me with a ‘hello’ in the little chat box and I responded with a ‘sup’.
    They didn’t respond right away, it was their turn and I suppose they were figuring out words to spell. Once they made their move–and a wise one I might add, they got triple points!–they responded with, ‘How are you, sup guy/gal?’.
    I didn’t know how to respond to that. So, I laughed. I typed quickly because it was my turn, and then took my turn.
    ‘I am well. And how are you, Sir/Ma’am Scrabble opponent?’ It was really pathetic but then again so was I. I couldn’t think of anything clever or catchy, so I said whatever I could think of. I wasn’t really aiming to impress them, they were just an opponent.
    ‘I am also well. Are you an old man/woman? You sound like it by the way you type and all the fancy words you’re putting on the board, haha.’
    I laughed again and shook my head, even though they couldn’t see me. Taking my turn, spelling out Pyramid, I sat back to think of what to say.
    ‘I am just a person.’ I felt like I shouldn’t give away my identity, age or even my name yet–especially not to the readers of this story. I waited patiently for their response.
    The timer on the side ticked away, counting down the time they had to make their move and I grew a little anxious. When would they respond?
    Finally, they responded.
    ‘I have to go. But it was pleasant meeting you. Perhaps we could meet in person one day?’
    They still hadn’t made their move so it switched to my turn. ‘Absolutely. Do you live near The Great Gafe?’
    My timer was close to zero. ‘Yes! Omg, I love that cafe. I’ll see you tomorrow for ten! I really gotta go now. Later, sup person!’
    I grinned and quickly typed out a response before they logged off.
    I smiled all the way to bed, with dreams of my mystery Scrabble opponent.

    Whoop, cliffhanger! 😀
    What’d you think?

  2. taylorf463

    I didn’t even know what Scrabble was until Julie told me about it. And I couldn’t get away. It was great and addicting and drew me in faster than anything before. Maybe it wasn’t so much the game as the person on the game: Bradlee0. I didn’t think I’d end up being that one in five that meets their partner online, but maybe I would. I know what you’re thinking, Scrabble, what a stupid way to meet someone. How do you even know he’s real? How do I know? I’m going to meet him. We started talking about nothing, just something stupid and it went from there. We both spelled well and knew how to use grammar. It was surprising because most guys couldn’t do either.
    I was ready for this date. We had decided to meet at a local bar. I didn’t want to meet him somewhere it would be awkward if I needed to get away quick and I also wanted to be around people in case he didn’t turn out to be what I thought he would. I’d curled my red hair and was wearing my favorite dress; Brad had said he liked green. I walked in and up to the bar to get a drink. I got martini and started to mingle around the crowd.
    “Hey baby, your parents must be retarded because you’re special.” I looked over a kept walking. Some guys had good pick-up lines but that was one was just horrible.
    I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around, “Angela?” I looked the man up and down. He was cute with jeans and blue button down shirt. His hair was brown and shaggy, just messy enough to look good. But it was the eyes that drew me in. His eyes were an ice blue and made you stare. There was no way for me to look away and I felt myself start to fall for my Scrabble man.

    I know some people would say Scrabble was stupid. But I loved it. Those same people would also say it was even more stupid to meet someone on Scrabble. And maybe they were right. I wasn’t them. This girl, Analee998, was who I was going to meet tonight. She suggested meeting at a local bar. It was expected that she would say something like that; women had to be careful of some men. But I wasn’t one of those guys. When I started playing this girl I didn’t think anything like this would ever be happening. This girl could spell and she could type using proper word and grammar usage which I found hot as hell! It was an odd feeling I got when talking to her. This was just some online romance, why did I feel so compelled to go see her?
    I did it though, I walked into that bar. After I got my drink I started to walk around trying to find this woman, Analee. I saw her and couldn’t help but smile. I tapped her shoulder and she turned around. Her red hair fell over her shoulders perfect and that green dress made her look just stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful woman. I felt something in my chest, an odd feeling, before I realized I might be falling for my Scrabble woman.

  3. Kym

    He walked toward the table looking nothing like I imagined. He was at least 6’5. Big. Burly. Not my usual type but cute. Even better than having Hollywood good looks, he had swagger that oozed all over him from the moment he stepped into Jerseys.

    My heart sped up as I wondered what he thought of me—the remaining 15 pounds that hung unwavering in my belly, reluctant to disappear during my Biggest Loser challenge. The bad haircut I tried to conceal underneath a cute hat to cover up my too short, borderline midget-like bangs. The flat shoes I accidentally wore that were anxious to tell on me and expose the truth—I gave him my height based on my favorite Saturday night, leopard print stiletto measurements. Without them, I stood five feet and two inches, sometimes giving myself an extra inch if I teased my hair right.

    All of my doubts and insecurities disappeared when he finally made it to the table. The huge smile planted on his face showed his dimples. He extended his hand.

    I gave him a firm handshake. His hands felt strong. Muscular. I inhaled a whiff of his scent when he sat down across from me. He smelt fresh, reminding me of a beautiful summer day although we were in the middle of a long, promising Chicago winter. I kicked myself for forgetting my Vera Wang perfume and prayed my Bath and Body Works lotion would overpower the fried chicken scent that had slightly followed me from my grandmother’s house.

    I couldn’t believe I was finally sitting across from Brandon after chatting online for months during our Scrabble games. I found myself returning his smile, both of our eyes watching each other with curiosity and interest.

    But what if we had nothing in common? My doubts returned. My smile faded.

    “What’s wrong?” he asked with concern. “Please don’t tell me I’m not what you expected.”

    He wasn’t, but that wasn’t the problem. I liked what I saw, and I told him.

    He smiled harder. “I feel the same way.”

    My smile slowly returned. The chemistry was there. I felt it. He felt it. There was no reason to let my fears interfere.

    We talked until Jerseys’ workers gave us dirty looks and hung up their closing sign—six hours straight. We had so much in common. We both still suffered from the complex middle-child syndrome. We were both competitive, which explained our many countless hours of online Scrabble. We loved Sushi. 90’s music. Old school rap. Mission trips. The Twilight Zone. The Cosby Show. Wonder Years. We hated Hollywood remakes and avoided reality TV like a plague—only watching the Apprentice, and ashamedly admitting to previously watching the Flavor of Love.

    When he asked me to dinner the following night, I gladly accepted. Never mind my too short bangs, excess cellulite, flat ballerina shoes and possible fried chicken odor. Something special was happening here.


    And I wasn’t about to stand in the way.

  4. Icabu

    The sane part of Michelle’s brain stopped her short of entering Nate’s Bar. Even though the sounds of laughter, boisterous conversation and music from one of her favorite bands on the jukebox pulled at her, she took several small, cautious steps back from the doorway. She leaned against the rough brick exterior to get a grip on her runaway emotions.

    Prior to about a minute ago, she was excited about an evening at Nate’s. Then it hit her like a freight train that she was going on what was essentially a blind date. She despised blind dates. Yet she had jumped rather blindly into this online – thing. How could she call it ‘dating’ when she really didn’t know what the guy looked like? Sure, they played Scrabble online until 2 AM a couple of nights a week and chatted back and forth. Does that count as dating?

    A couple bumped Michelle on their way into Nate’s. The man excused them as they entered, but his words were drowned by the volume coming out the open door. Michelle watched them. He had his arm draped over her shoulders; her arm encircled his waist. That was how Michelle had envisioned herself, as ShellJack04362, and MadScrabb44918 this evening. Although all she really knew about him was that he had brown hair that he needed to get cut more often. She thought he’d said his eyes were blue, too.

    But, in her heart, she felt a strong connection to him. Their sidebar chats during the Scrabble games were far more interesting and intense than the games. Sometimes they didn’t even finish the game. They’d agreed on a lot of subjects and agreeably disagreed on others. He could make her laugh after a hard day just by typing words on the screen. All that had to count for something.

    Finding out he lived in Bloomington, too, scared her at first. Then it thrilled her. Uncertainty held her outside now. Was she ready to meet him?

    The noise level rose again as the door opened – from the inside this time. Michelle stared at the man that peered around the door, looking up the sidewalk, then down. He looked right at her. His ice blue eyes froze her.

    “ShellJack?” His voice was deep, strong.

    “MadScrabb?” She squeaked.

    The smile he flashed was bright enough to melt most of her ice. When he stepped from the doorway and leaned against the wall in front of her, a complete meltdown nearly occurred.

    “Matt,” he said, holding out his hand.

    She’d forgotten they had agreed to introduce themselves more formally upon meeting. Michelle put her hand in Matt’s.

    “Shelly.” She managed not to squeak. All she could think was that she hoped he didn’t cut his hair any time soon and that yes, indeed, he had very blue eyes.

    They talked briefly, with the same comfort as when they’d typed anonymously. Then he eased his arm over her shoulders and escorted her into Nate’s. Michelle’s arm instinctively encircled his waist.

  5. smallPencil

    I decided on Mexican to treat my ultimate nemesis. Her handle on Y Scrabble was “YnotplaYme”. About a year ago I was looking for a game, saw it, and figured it a fair point. I was wrong. Coupled with her schoolgirl avatar it made a dirty web of innocence to trap her unwary victims; or, in her words, a “pernicious gossamer of credulousness to inveigle her impetuous gudgeons”. Playing her was that fun.

    I was climbing the ladder before I came across that little ruse-of-a-moniker. No one could stop me. I used “q” every time, until I really needed it: now. I should have used it to spell “q-u-i-t” after the first dozen losses. “U” was another big scorer. Fate was begging me to pack it in. But I could not. I had to beat her; had to be the big swinging dick in a battle with no other swinging dick. I used Google. I used, my home thesaurus. I phoned a friend. Hell, I even phoned a stranger, a professor of English at the local university. When the losses piled up without slowing, I contacted the best hacker I knew. He was no help. One-hundred losses came and went. I had no words. I was in free fall.

    I formed my most desperate plan.

    She knows to ask for a table under the name of “Dante”. I chose the name because it was unusual but also to remind her of what she put me through. A woman walks in wearing the yellow strapless dress and four inch black stilettos I’m on the lookout for. She makes me feel the way she always does, at a loss for words, only without lifting a tile. Perhaps she practices by looking in a mirror, trying to find a word for her beauty. It would make Corkey from “Life Goes On” a master.

    I stand, “Beth?” She grins. Her cheeks put the most powerful blush to shame. She puts her hand over her heart, says, “Wow…” I wait as she breathes heavily, her grin growing wool. She turns away, her head hangs. She looks up at me sideways, manages, “This isn’t supposed to go this way. You’re supposed to be the one at a loss for words.” She flees the restaurant.

    I have ordered for two by the time she returns. She is carrying a scrabble board. “Looking to sway the balance back?” I ask. Her cheeks look ready to burst. She pushes the board over the food, collecting her letters. I collect the rest, “what happened to the other letters?” I ask. She blushes deeper. I shrug and start with the only word I can form, “you.” She plays off the “o”, spelling “love”. Then she adds an “I”, in front. I grin, say, “You can’t put that there.”

    She looks up with glittering eyes, “I guess you win.” I just nod. In many ways, I think to myself. The spider has become the fly.

  6. Louisw23

    It was five o’clock on the dot; I was sitting there throwing back beers. I wasn’t really expecting her to come. Right after I finish my fifth beer she comes walks in wearing a white satin dress, glowing like an angel. It looked like something out of a movie. I couldn’t tell if it was her or the smoke in the bar that made her glow, but she looked stunning. We hit it right off. We talked for hours, just sitting there looking into each other’s eyes. It was about eleven thirty and the pub was about to close. We both took three shots and left to head back to my home. When I drove home, I could barely stay on the road. We arrived by the grace of God, and hurry up to my apartment. What happen next is not to be told. I woke and I was all alone. She was nowhere to be found, coincidentally so was my wallet. So lesson from the story don’t meet up at the pub, and decide to go home with someone. “Don’t let your love be blinded by intoxication.”

  7. DarbiDee

    I put my veil over my face and prepared to walk down the aisle. I couldn’t believe it had been 2 years since Chad and I met online. I began to giggle to myself as I thought about our first meeting…
    “Another Saturday night alone with my Spaghetti-O’s and glass of Sunny D!” I was talking to my best friend Meredith on the phone. She tried to get me to go dancing, but i told her i’d rather just play some sweet online Scrabble. I headed to my computer and logged on. I noticed a screen name i hadn’t seen before, “Danggina32. Wooooow.” I laughed at the referance to the television show Martin and decided to play against this mystery person. I dominated face in the first game, and then got an im from whoever this person was. “Hey! You’re pretty good at this game! I’m impressed! :)” We began a conversation, and i found out that HIS name was Chad, and we lived right down the street from each other. Our personalities seemed to match pretty well, so we decided to meet at “Patty O’Brien’s” the following night. I hadn’t been this nervous since my high school prom, and I sure hoped he was good looking! I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when he came up to me. He was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. “Hi. I’m Chad.” We hit it off immediately, and the months to come were the best of my life…
    “Rach, hun, it’s time to walk down the aisle.” I looked up and saw my dad standing there. “Okay.” I opened the back door to the church, the door to the rest of my life.

  8. BrooksisAwesome

    “And that’s how I became to be known as ‘Sea Legs’ by everyone,” said BigDawg122, my surprisingly attractive, Online Scrabble partner. It turns out her actual name is Bethaney Anderson, and we were hitting it off at Twinkie’s Pub, the local town bar. As we continued to talk, her beautiful blue eyes drew me in and in. However, at the same time I listened to everything she said, which is new for me, since I’m an extremely shallow person, to be candid enough. That is the exact moment when I knew something was different about this blonde haired woman from the same small town of, Jeromington, Minnesota, as me. She was new to the town, and I jumped at the chance to show her around the minute city. As the night drew on and we discussed family, friends, pets, favorite foods, favorite hobbies. We just couldn’t stop talking to each other. She was diggin’ me and I was diggin’ her; we both knew something magical was happening. Finally, we arrived back at her apartment. We decided to see each other again, on the next coming Saturday. We looked into each other’s eyes, and she kissed me on the cheek and blushed. I felt like a fourth grader all over again. Just like that, the elementary school scene ended, and I knew I was going to marry her. A year later, we were playing Scrabble while we were both at our jobs. I got a cheat for it to give me my letters of choice. I spelled out, “Marry me?”. Amazingly, she sent back, “yes.” I got the girl, and the most points. I love Scrabble.

  9. roosterhoot

    When idealisticgirl32 put circumlocution as her first word in our online scrabble game, I knew there was something special about this woman. Her words were elegant and her senteces in the chat flowed sweetly. She seemed to be a very attractive person. After a little bit of conversation, we realized that we both lived in Saints Park, Idaho and decided that we should meet up at a local pub where the local country band was playing on Thursday. I spent hours getting ready for my first date ever; combing my hair seventeen different ways and trying on 32 different shirts looking for the perfect shirt to bring out my eyes. The time finally reached seven o’ clock and I decided it was time to head down the street to O’Malley’s to meet my woman. I arrived at the pub and saw a woman with horn-rimmed glasses standing at the door with an off-white shawl thrown over her fuscia blouse. I was instantly physically attracted to her. We went inside and started talking. She had this cute little habit of resituating her glasses with her pointer finger every time she started a new statement that just drove me insane. When I walked her to her car, I was very timid and started stuttering about to tell her goodnight when she leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips. That was the moment I knew I was in love with her. It’s been 7 years now and idealisticgirl32 has that glow and is just about due with a beautiful little girl.

  10. BoredZero

    It started off in the college library, where I spent my time waiting for my next class (or in this case, skipping it because of an idea that wouldn’t leave me be that I just simply HAD to put down). I made sure to take one of the computers with the screen facing away from the library people since they don’t take it very kindly when students use these computers for social networking and other non-college related things.

    But eventually, my creative skills had slowed down and the words slowly crawled to a dead stop. You know the one – it’s just before the block.

    So I checked my e-mail and sent off a copy of what I was writing to a few friends of mine. Well, that took all of three minutes, and my next class (as in the one after the one I’m skipping) was still an hour or so away.

    I decided to go play something simple – Scrabble. I had only played it a few times in actuality, but since I was bored at the time, I figured – hey, why not?

    So eventually, I start playing under some name or other. And in the very first game I was in, wouldn’t you know it, I was playing against her.

    So the game started and we started chatting in between turns about this and that, and eventually we started revealing a little bit more about each other.

    She told me her name, and I told her mine – and after we both realized we lived in the same area, we started talking more (I received some really odd looks from people around me because of the repeated clacking of my keyboard) and somehow we agreed to meet up at the local watering hole. I have no idea who suggested it, because I know I’m not that great in matters with the opposite sex – especially when it comes to asking them out for dates.

    So, two days later, I put on my usual clothes and made my way to the local pub – but I had forgotten by the time I got there that I was supposed to don a hat so she’d know it was me.

    Turns out we didn’t need that, because we knew each other from way back when before I left for high school. She walked in, looked around, and when we saw each other – we just remembered.

    She sat herself down and we caught up on things that had happened while I had been out of town for four years during high school. She drank – I drank soda.

    But eventually, she got me to drink – despite the fact that I stayed away from the stuff since I’m a complete lightweight.

    After a while, the laughter started to die down – and the pub was getting ready to close.

    And then it happened.

    I can’t remember if I made the first move…but, that’s gotta be the best class I ever skipped.

  11. Judy

    With each stroke of the key, Monica could feel the corners of her mouth drawing up more and more as if a puppeteer stood above her controlling her facial gestures. Her heart began to palpate, and she was sure she was blushing. Surely, it wasn’t the phantom puppeteer who was controlling her emotions she thought. The hairs on her arms were erected as if to give a standing ovation to the genuinely charming invitation that she had just gotten from her online scrabble opponent, with four letters down, L E T S and four across, M E E T. Without hesitation, she IM’d him back and within minutes, they had decided to meet at the Mai Tai waterside pub in the downtown district in one hour. Other than their Scrabble rendezvous and the many hours of chatting to the wee hours of the morning, they had not met with each other, and she was ecstatic. During an intense game of scrabble one evening, in her quest to beat the pants off of Andy, figuratively speaking, of course although Andy was willing to the term to be taken literally and let her know so. S spelled out the word E D I S O N and they discovered that they had more in common than they knew; they lived in the same town, just across the waterway from each other.
    As Monica was getting ready, she was thinking of Andy, something she had been doing a lot of over the past month. She was about to go on a blind date with somebody she felt like she had known for ever. Their conversations were so enthralling and deep. They talked about everything from their childhood to their futures; they talked about their hopes and their dreams. They even opened themselves up to each other and discussed the losses they have had in their lives. The pain and the joy brought about from the ones they now mourned for. Andy lost his fiancé three years prior and had not been involved with anybody since, and Monica was mourning the loss of her grandmother who raised her in the absence of her mother whom she had lost to addiction. Her father didn’t know she existed. She had been more open and honest with Andy than anybody she has known, and although he didn’t say so, it was quite obvious it had been awhile since he had talked about his fiancé, if at all.
    On the drive over to the pub, Monica had rehearsed what she was going to say to Andy when she finally met him. As she approached the bar, she saw him sitting there, and he was as gorgeous as she had imagined. He turned and caught a vision of her, and his dreamy hazel eyes met hers. He smiled at her, and it conf

  12. guwrites

    “Oxford,” I said, smiling while John tallied up the points I received for the word.

    “The scores are now 142 to….80,” he laughed. “I guess my theory of being able to beat you offline proves to be wrong. On or offline, you are the champ.”

    I laughed and sipped my shirley temple — I’m such a sucker — and nodded. “What can I say? I am the bomb!”

    He joined me in laughing at my lame lingo and smiled once more. “Hey, Jheanette?”

    I put down my drink and nodded, “Yes?”

    “Let’s get out of here.”

    So we packed up our game and left the pub. I didn’t fancy all the people drunk on Guinness too much, anyway and I could tell neither did he. But the music there was always incredible, settling for no less than the best live acts.

    We took his car, since I had walked there; I live no more than a fifteen minute walk from said venue. It was an older car, given to him from his older brother but he loved it nonetheless. The smell entranced me right away. It smelled just like him, but ten times stronger. And for the few minutes of silence had me hypnotized until he broke it, asking me where I’d like to go. I replied that “anywhere” would be fine. The next twenty minutes were spent talking about everything and nothing. From his job and my lack of one (I’m still a college kid) to our favorite video games and books.

    Finally, he pulled up to the Hilton and I gave him a questioning look, to which he responded not to worry and laughed. “This is one of my favorite spots.” So he took me by the hand and led me through the dark, past the chapel, past the grassy area they use for morning yoga to a path in the trees bordering the road. Using his cellphone light to lead the way, we finally made it to a clearing. It overlooked the ocean and there were a few rocks to sit on, so we did. We sat beside each other and wasted away hours, just talking and laughing away.

    After realizing that it was nearly two in the morning, he decided to call it a night. And though, I so badly didn’t want to go I knew I had a class in 5 hours. But we didn’t leave without him pulling me into his arms, and I wrapped mine around his waist while I buried my face in his chest just breathing in the way he smells. I looked up at him and couldn’t help but become entranced by his eyes the way I had been with his scent. And I couldn’t help but tip-toe as he leaned down for his lips to meet mine.

    At that very moment, my breath hitched and my heart jumped. And it was the most powerful thing I’d felt. And I there was so much feeling that I could barely fathom it in words. Or maybe a few. Three of them.

    Eight letters.

    Score of fourteen alone but it felt like….

    “Triple word score,” he whispered, as the kiss ended.

    “My sentiments exactly,” I whispered back.

  13. Lilac Lola

    Joe’s snoozing rarely bothered me anymore. The joy of ignoring the buzzing come from Joe’s side of the bed’s grows with every letter I place on the scrabble board, online of course. Playing online, a blissful escape from Joe’s endless ranting about Russell, number three manager in two months. A’s turn to put a word on the board, I forgetting we are online. Astrid, Arnold, Ally what could his or is it her name? Two weeks of late night literary lingerings in cyberspace. Spelling sweetie lives here, in my hometown. “It’s a date.” We were both thinking about it, the mention of Lou’s Lounge made the words roll out.

    Lou’s on a Saturday night busting a beat in hipster haven otherwise known as Wicker Park. The Botanica next door open waiting for those in need of holy water, colored candles, Spanish tarot cards and incense. So why not see if they have a little romance inducing rose water before I meet my scrabble sweetie.Walking into Lou’s my stomach starts swishing while my eyes search high and low. The signal of recognition, yellow head gear, we agreed any kind hat, scarf even a beret.

    Music thumping bodies pushing and shoving and I still can’t see yellow head gear. Wait, I see a flicker of yellow just ahead, in front of a brunette and a curvy redhead. My hand reaches the shoulder of the yellow scarf. WoW! Beautiful honey brown eyes, luscious lips, the girl of my dreams. Imagine finding the woman of my dreams in my backyard. What my beloved Joe or should I say Josephine doesn’t know well you know how the saying goes.

  14. screamergirl46

    I love scrabble, but I never thought it would be the vehicle to change my life. It all began one boring Saturday night when I logged onto my favorite scrabble site. My boyfriend was out of town and my girlfriends were all involved with other plans. My partner was anonymous and he or she was very good and a worthy opponent. My admiration for this person’s word ability grew as we lingered over this game into the wee hours of the morning. Before logging off, we briefly chatted and I learned that he was a young man who had loved scrabble from a very early age when his schoolteacher parents introduced him to the game as a way of learning words and their definitions.

    We decided that we would meet again the following night at this same site. Before long a pattern emerged and we were hooked on trying to outwit each other. During our chats after the games we became familiar with each other’s likes and dislikes and learned that we shared so many of these that it was unreal. However, we discovered that religion and politics should not be discussed since we shared separate views. To our surprise, we learned that we lived in the same town. Which, by the way, is a very small town of less than five thousand people. What are the chances of something like this happening in this large universe of ours if it was not meant to be. I was beginning to fall in love with this person and had not even met him. My feelings for my scrabble partner led to a breakup with my boyfriend who had now become boring and unchallenging.

    We made a date to meet at a local pub for a sandwich and drinks. We decided I would wear a blue top and he would wear a red top. When this guy walked into the pub wearing a red pullover sweater and jeans I could not believe that he was my scrabble partner. I had anticipated a somewhat nerdy guy and was prepared to love him anyway. This guy was a knockout and I suddenly wondered what heaven I had landed in. He saw me and walked over to my table. I had worn a blue peasant style blouse with jeans and he instantly complimented me on my attire. He introduced himself as Carey Givens. He said, “Hi, I am so glad to finally meet one of the smartest girls I have ever had the pleasure of playing scrabble with.” I asked, “Well, just how many girls have you played scrabble with?” He laughed and said, “Too many to count until I encountered you. I hope you will be my last partner.”

    Well I was and we have been happily married for fifteen years and have two children, one boy and one girl, who also love to play scrabble. Who knows where their scrabble games could lead them in the future.

  15. lymidy

    I’ve always thought I was lame to meet people on the internet. Imagine my disdain when I discovered that my scrabble partner and I lived in the same town, and he wanted to meet up. But I figured, “What the hell?” If I didn’t like him I could always leave, and if I did it could turn into something interesting,
    So when I walked into one of my favorite pubs to see a sickly looking, forty something man with a receding hairline, a perv mustache, and a protruding belly, wearing an “I heart Scrabble” t-shirt, I turned abruptly on my heel to escape the awkwardness only to be stopped short by running into someone and falling on my ass.
    “Oh my God! I am so sorry! Let me buy you a drink,” said the giant I had run into. When I looked up to tell the giant not to worry about it my words got caught in my throat. Hello gorgeous! I scrambled to y feet and silently thanked the internet gods for working in mysterious ways.
    We sat talking for quite some time. Every now and again my gorgeous giant would look over his shoulder at the door. We had tons in common and were getting along really well when he asked me the dreaded question.
    “So what’s a girl like you doing in a bar all by her lonesome?” he finally asked. I sat there quietly for a moment trying to think of something less pathetic than an internet meeting. I looked back at the creeper in the “I heart Scrabble” t-shirt and decided to tell the truth.
    “Actually I was here to meet my scrabble partner from the internet,” I gestured vaguely to the creeper, “But I panicked and was on my way out when I ran into you. Literally.” I expected him to leave right then and there but instead he just smiled.
    “Scrabblemaster?” he said questionably. I looked at him with surprise all over my face. “I’m tripwordking. It’s nice to finally meet you.” I laughed and we ordered another beer.

  16. kospina

    “I was supposed to be typing reports, as usual, but instead I was playing scrabble online.”

    I shifted the phone more comfortably in the crook of my shoulder. Located two floors down in another department, Katia’s job was just as boring as mine. A little online gaming here and there was about the only thing that kept either of us sane in this corporate wasteland.

    “You know nobody ever beats me, not at Scrabble! But this guy, Scrabalator1040, he came out of nowhere and wiped the board up with me!”

    “What?” Katia exclaimed. “No way, it must have been a fluke.”

    “That’s just it, K, he beat me again the next day! And he’s beaten me every day since for the last two weeks.”

    “Who is this guy?” Suddenly Katia gasped. “Oh my God, Jamie, what if he isn’t real?” She dropped her voice down to nearly a whisper. “What if he’s a mole, something corporate set up to catch us playing games at work?”

    I was about to answer her when I heard somebody coming. It was Ted, my boss.

    “I’ve got to go. I’ll email you.”

    I hung the phone up and swiveled around to face my computer, where I quickly started typing. I smiled brightly at Ted as he breezed passed, not that he noticed. It was so typical of him to show up just when I was getting to the good part of the story with Katia.

    The other women in our department all swooned over Ted. Sure, he was good looking, but I knew how little personality the man actually had. He was all facts and figures and statistics, and his eagle eye never failed to zero in on the one-and-only misspelling in even the longest document. Just thinking about it got my dander up!

    I was about to email Katia when an instant message popped-up on my screen. It was Scrabalator1040.

    “Hey, you up for a game?”

    “Can’t, boss is back.”

    “Screw the boss! Meet me for a drink later, then?”

    I was stunned. Meet him for a drink? What if he was a wacko, or like Katia said, what if he was a mole, planted by corporate to weed out us game-playing slackers? Then again, he could beat me at scrabble, and he was so funny on IM.

    “Sure.” I typed. “Murphy’s, 5:30.”

    I walked into Murphy’s at 5:40 and looked around for a red baseball cap, which Scrabalator1040 said was how I would know him. There was almost no on in the place this early. Two older guys in a booth, a couple of office ladies at the bar, and then there was the red baseball cap . . . on my boss, Ted.

    Ted looked up and his dark eyes met mine, eyes that burned with a passion that had nothing to do with statistics. He smiled and I felt a wide smile spreading across my face in return.

    “Game on!” I said, but inside, I knew I had already won.

  17. onaway

    I met her at a coffee shop whose name I could never spell. She said her name was Cindy but may have lied. I told her my name which was a lie. We fell in love. It spelled disaster. There was no booze in the coffee house, only folk music so without a word we stood up and walked out. There was a bar across the way and the bass was bumping through the brick walls and off the sidewalk. We slipped inside the dark bar and I made my way to the ice buckets of beer and flashed a peace sign to the baby boomer’s granddaughter. “That’s twelve dollars.” I gave her a five and a ten and Cindy and I headed deeper into the flashing lights of the dance floor.
    She slid her arm around the back of my waist and I felt like a trophy: something to be valued. This small gesture was more human contact than I’d had in two years, ever since I registered with… online Scrabble. Yes, I said Scrabble.
    In the beginning, I only scrabbled for fun, on the weekends. But it wasn’t long before Scrabble had ruined everything! My job was spelled g-o-n-e, my wife had l-e-f-t, and I was surrounded by Alpha-Bits cereal. Then I met Cindy.
    She wasn’t like the other triple word spellers I had argued with. Her words were always concise, and carefully constructed. When I saw her I spelled fine with a p-h. She had vowels in all the right places. And she was a great cusser.
    On the dance floor we swayed across the board holding each other. I stared into her green eyes, eyes that spelled ‘oohhh’. But my mouth said “Will you get me another beer?” and her eyes turned into ‘asdasdfsad’ followed by ‘@#*&@#’. I had lost points with her. She rested her head on my arm. “B-u-d… spells Budweiser” I said after a moment. Without looking up, she raised her hand and gave me the finger. That hooked me. After the song I let her hand fall into mine, and led us off the dance floor then right out the front door of the bar and into the front door of my apartment.
    We scrabbled all night. After the sun rose and we could spell no more, I offered her some Alpha-Bits. She gave me the finger.

  18. nodom

    sep, 7 2011
    i have been playing scrabble on my phone with “sentientleaf” for the past couple of weeks. after my ass was handed to me twice i picked up chatting. we ended up paying the scrabble game little mind and spent our time talking rather than playing. the conversation flowed; we disagreed on music, movies, politics, everything important, but we agreed that there was nothing to do in our small california town. i said my town had to be worse, and she countered with her’s. soon we realized we both lived in hanford. i think we were both weary of meeting, never knowing who you might find, but we agreed that a safe place would be by the magazines in wallmart, i’m not sure why. i guessed i would find a new friend, and in a way i did. but i knew i had to be early when i approached to see a beautiful, fair skinned brunette flipping through the pages of writer’s digest. but then again, the name “sentientleaf” was fitting; standing still she had the fluidity and grace of a leaf on the wind, with deep brown eyes that spoke of self-reflection. i was taken aback, and almost turned to run, but she had already made eye contact. “hi” she said, “nodom?”. she smiled when i noded, looking as pleasantly suprised as i felt. i could say it was love at first sight, but it wasn’t. it was love at first word. when she greeted me her voice was soft and alluring like a siren’s, and i knew i was headed toward the cliffs. but i didn’t care. i gave this afternoon my full, surreal attention. 

    1. nodom

      Marcia, you can send your response to me if you like and I will critique it when I get a chance. If that is what you are looking for? If not, everyone is welcome to post their prompts here:)

  19. Alex

    I sat across from Luke sipping my fuzzy navel, staring into his gorgeous dark eyes. I looked around noticing that I was the only colored girl in a sea of white faces, the only obviously city amidst a crowd of country folk. I had recently moved to this small Alaskan town.

    “You ok Alex?” His deep, melodic voice grabbed my attention, gently pulling me back from my reverie.

    He stared at me as if studying me.

    “Yes, I’m great,” I said. Something of my growing affection registered on my face and he smiled. I felt protected, safe with this man.

    Luke was looking me over, his eyes so honest and warm, deliberately drinking me in. It made me a little self-conscious at first, but there was something in those fiery eyes. They bore deep into my soul, beckoning me, and he, aware of his own transparency, allowed his soul to speak loud and clear. No man ever looked at me this way before. There was an acceptance in his eyes.

    He held my hands in his as he laughed about our recent Scrabble match. Oh, his hands were so strong! I never felt such strength. His stare was brazen and a little intimidating, but somehow it made me feel like a real woman. Not only was he an amazing speller, but the beautiful carpenter also had a soul a million miles deep. He was reading me; nothing hidden from his gloriously intrusive gaze. It was as if he was trying to know me in one fell swoop. He wanted me and I definitely wanted him.

    I imagined his chiseled arms wrapped around me, holding me close. This man was just as much animal as he was human. Luke was intelligent and modern, but there was something so ancient, so primal, and visceral, about this man. He was bringing out feelings in me never before experienced. I felt the inner longings and yearnings of my deepest self. He pulled them out of me like a miner panning for gold. We were from two very different worlds, yet there was an understanding and a knowing between us, such as neither of us had ever experienced.

    “C’mon, let’s get out of here,” Luke said. “I can think of something better for us to do.”

    We finished our night wrestling each other over a real Scrabble board. In front of his fireplace, hot chocolate in hand, my man, and my winning triple word score.


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