Writer’s Digest Magazine October 2015 Online Exclusives

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Straight Talk With Dennis Lehane

The Mystic River novelist’s latest trilogy—which begins in early 20th-century Boston—concluded this year with World Gone By (WD Interview, Page 46). In our online-exclusive outtakes, he discusses writing truthful fiction about real-life historical figures, racism and other issues of the times.

Literary Agent Sound Off: Query Letter Basics

"Queries are business letters. Agenting is business. Publishing is business. I try to be nice and friendly and funny and all, but the bottom line is that I expect those with whom I work to be professional and take what they’re doing seriously." —Linda Epstein (Jennifer De Chiara Literary)

Research Before You Send a Query Letter

Now, there are really two different types of rejection letters. The first one I don’t have a big problem with. These are the letters for projects that might not be quite right for what I am looking for, or for stories that might not be ready for publishing yet. With stories like this, we...

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Writing a Nonfiction Book Proposal: Sample Chapters

In today’s writing tip Sharlene Martin and Anthony Flacco, authors of Publish Your Nonfiction Book, discuss one of the nine essential elements to a book proposal–sample chapters. Always begin with your first chapter. It’s never a good idea to toss chapter 6 at them for your writing sample and hope no one notices. If...

Developing the Hook in a Query Letter

Sometimes you only have seconds for your query to catch interest, and a great opening line can do that. We, as authors, try so hard to summarize our entire book, instead of just picking out the one or two elements that make our book unique, that I think we get lost when trying to...

Agent Cricket Freeman On: Nonfiction Credentials in a Book Proposal

No matter what type of nonfiction book you’ve written, if you’re proposing your book for publication you must show you’re prepared. Imagine an editor is considering two book proposals by first-time writers. Both books are equally clever in concept, suited for his house, and he’d be proud publishing either. But he only has budget...

Nonfiction Submission Tips: Why You Should Include Book Comparisons In Your Book Proposal

Crafting a nonfiction book proposal that you hope will make “Your Future Agent’s Wish List” (Page 21)? Get bonus tips for increasing agent interest by thoroughly researching comp titles and enhancing your Web presence as a nonfiction writer to be reckoned with in these helpful free excerpts from Publish Your Nonfiction Book by Sharlene...