Pay It Forward: Writer’s Digest’s Most Anticipated Upcoming Books

Editor’s Note: This online exclusive is an extension of a feature in the January 2018 issue of Writer’s Digest. In it, we asked 10 established authors to name their most anticipated books for the coming year. Be sure to get your copy here, or subscribe.

In an industry that’s often cutthroat and always competitive, the importance of a supportive writing community can’t be over-emphasized. Knowing there are others in your corner can motivate you to carry on through those peaks and valleys. In that spirit, WD Editors share their favorite upcoming books for 2018.

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1. Not That I Could Tell (March 2018) by Jessica Strawser

“This is our first issue in nine years without long-time Editor-in-Chief Jessica Strawser at the helm (she now serves as Editor-at-Large; see her pick below), as she abdicated her day-to-day duties to pursue novel writing full time. It’s a loss for our staff, who thrived under her tutelage, but a gift to readers everywhere, as those who—like me—devoured her debut can attest. This March, I can’t wait to read her follow-up, Not That I Could Tell (March 2018): a twist-filled tale about a suspicious disappearance that I know will leave me dizzy.” —Tyler Moss, Managing Editor

2. The Queen of Hearts (Feb. 2018) by Kimmery Martin

“I’m really looking forward to reading Kimmery Martin’s debut The Queen of Hearts (Feb. 2018). I love novels woven from multiple points of view, à la Jodi Picoult, and after getting the chance to e-interview Martin for a column, I connected immediately with her fresh, funny voice. Can’t wait!” —Baihley Grandison, Associate Editor

3. Children of Blood and Bone (March 2018) by Tomi Adeyemi

“I love YA fantasy with female protagonists, so I’m looking forward to Children of Blood and Bone (March 2018) by Tomi Adeyemi. It’s especially exciting to see a lot of attention and buzz building around diverse, female-centered fantasy.” —Karen Krumpak, Assistant Editor

4. Side by Side (June 2018) by Jenni L. Walsh

“I was completely taken in by Jenni L. Walsh’s romp of a historical fiction debut, Becoming Bonnie, in 2017—it tells the story of how good-girl Bonnie and bad-boy Clyde get together, and leaves off there … so I’m tapping my fingers impatiently waiting for the sequel! It’s called Side by Side (June 2018) and will be out this summer. Can’t wait!” —Jessica Strawser, WD Editor-at-Large and author of Almost Missed You

5. Before I Let Go (Jan. 2018) by Marieke Nijkamp

“As the editor of Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market, I try to keep my nose to the ground for great new YA books and authors. Marieke Nijkamp has her sophomore novel, Before I Let Go (Jan. 2018), releasing next year. It’s about a girl in a small town in Alaska who deals with the sudden death of her best friend and her abrupt ostracization from the community. It promises to be just as thrilling as her debut, This Is Where It Ends.” —Cris Freese, WD Books Managing Editor

6. Noir (Apr. 2018) by Christopher Moore 

“Everything Christopher Moore has ever written, from Bloodsucking Fiends to Sacré Bleu rings my bell and tickles my funny bone. So when I heard that he’s set to deliver a noir-themed novel based in post-World War II San Francisco, doused in Moore’s typical breed of romping satire-slapstick, and—it seems—involving at least one UFO, I was instantly sold. I’m looking forward to another laugh-out-loud adventure from this king of comedy.” —Jess Zafarris, WD Online Content Director

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