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Why We’re Thankful to Be Writers

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Around Thanksgiving I’m always reminded of how thankful I am for my wife, my kids, my family and my friends. One thing that I often overlook is how thankful I am that I am a writer. It’s a challenging profession, one that causes a lot of rejection, heartbreak and unintentionally condescending looks from others (“So you’re a writer? That’s nice, but what’s your real job?”). But the payoff is this:

I can’t imagine being anything other than a writer. It’s in my blood. It’s why I don’t drag myself out of bed in the morning, but instead leap out and rush to my computer. I live it, I breathe it. How many other professions start each day with the question, Where is my imagination going to take me today? That’s why I’m so thankful I recognized my passion and followed it.

There are many perks to being a writer, so I decided to post one of my favorites to Twitter this morning:

thankfulwriter-twitterWhat followed? Many of our fellow scribes chimed in with their own reasons why they’re thankful to be writers. Here are some of my favorites:


thankfulwriter-ronson thankfulwriter-andreathankfulwriter-dexter thankfulwriter-andrew thankfulwriter-jen thankfulwriter-Kelsie thankfulwriter-sarah So, with the day named after giving thanks only a few days away, I ask you: Why are you thankful to be a writer? Answers required. Silliness optional.


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25 Responses to Why We’re Thankful to Be Writers

  1. Icyss says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because it allows me to export any crazy, crushing heartbreak from my mind and turn it into a beautiful, confusing yet realistic story which I can share with everyone who feels the same. This is an amazing way to express all of your inner crazy, and with the right touches, turn it into an amazing, weird adventure. If I didn’t write, well… I’ve been writing since I learned to read, and I really can’t imagine life without it. I am very thankful.

  2. ndylily says:

    I love being a writer because it affords me the golden opportunity to run with divine visions for my life and powerfully live on a day to day basis. I can unreservedly pour out my thoughts on paper and affect lives in positive ways through my awesome creativity. Are you a writer? If yes, then you need to celebrate your special gifting and higher calling. Writing is a noble profession. Having direct access to the minds of people-young and old-is a huge blessing and one that’s worth cherishing and utilizing to the best of one’s given ability. I am more than happy that God has endowed me with higher faculties and called me to use my brain and think my way through- to the betterment of my world; which is what writers mostly, intelligently do!

  3. The TroubledWriter says:

    I am thankful to be a writer because it allows me to explore lands of fantasy and the ability to create my own magic. Despite all of the things that have gone wrong in my life, I can always count on my stories to take me away into their magnificent world, if only for a short period.

  4. jimconkle says:

    I am thankful to be a writer for many reasons. It allows me to share with others my passions, thoughts and feelings which would all go unoticed if I did not put them down in words. Writing is the end result in the process of who I am, what I think and where I am in life. I frist am a reader then a writer.
    It has come to me late in life yet without it I would be lost. It has become to me a New Begining an open door to a better life.

  5. Angelia says:

    First, I have been a writer since age 3. I am thankful to this day for being a writer because of the positives I can pull out of the negatives in my day. I can simply rush to my computer or laptop in my bed and type type type….. I also have an on the go Neo Alpha Smart, which I dearly love….. Many Many days of joy and no retiring hanging over my head, that’s the beauty of it all….

  6. Rufina says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because my son has new stories to read all the time and they are ones that no one else in the world have read as of yet. Hopefully soon, someone else gets a chance to read them.

  7. Kodiak says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because my mind can dwell in fantasy and be normal at the same time.

  8. I’m thankful to be a writer because that is what I have always wanted to be, even if I do still have to have a “day job” in engineering.

  9. Jill says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because I have an answer when people ask me: “What can you possibly do with an English degree? Are you going to be a teacher?” There are many other reasons, of course, but it’s exciting to finally have an answer to that question! Plus, writing is my passion so I’m incredibly lucky to do it on a daily basis. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  10. preyn49 says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because it allows me to have multiple characters with lovable or crazy personalities to live inside my head without being labeled with dissociative identity disorder. I can travel anywhere with them and watch them evolve, mature, and grow. I can laugh, cry, or be angry with them because it is my right. That is really cool!!!!

  11. simona says:

    I’m thakful to be a writer because I can stay at home with my son every day

  12. eturn says:

    As one of the struggling unpublished writers who has noticed a void in the industry but is still searching for a break, this article makes me feel alienated. Writing makes me want to get up in the morning, too…which is why I have put up with rejection for so long here. But at the same time it makes me feel like the author is using Thanksgiving as a platform for his arrogance at succeeding where others have not. Beware, people – there’s more luck and shoulder-rubbing involved in this profession than you think. In short, for a publication that’s normally so encouraging to my craft, I found this article to be one big frustrating tease.

  13. skdunning says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because it’s cheaper than therapy and posting papers on the fridge with a magnet for my mom never gets old.

  14. teesalsa says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because when I stare into space, I’m not being an airhead, I’m doing research. When I ball up wads of paper and throw them on the ground, I’m not littering, I’m editing. ;-)

  15. cygnetbrown says:

    I’m thankful because I’m dong NaNoWriMo. It’s the end of the month and I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

  16. kmaq7261 says:

    I’m thankful I’m a writer because it means I won’t retire at 60 or 65, when most people retire from their jobs. I can continue writing until the day I die!

  17. ryuryan2409 says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer (albeit as yet unpaid) because I used to watch the world go by without a way to change it. I now have an unlimited number of worlds in which to play, work, rush here and there and create as many things as my mind can bring about. I was once content to watch the world; now, I’m capable of creating and changing hundreds of them.

  18. Sal1965 says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because I get out more with my writing, albeit vicariously……. Reality is only for those who can’t handle fantasy….

  19. Writer_Girl says:

    I’m thankful I’m a writer because even after I eat an entire jumbo bag of candy corn, I can still be productive. (Okay, so maybe it won’t be quality work, but, hey, a manuscript is a manuscript, right?)

  20. Cal Amus says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because it’s 24/7, not 9 to 5.

  21. Cheryl Bush says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because I can write in my jammies, I don’t need to wash my hair, and I can funnel the voices in my head. ;-)

  22. t.b.keys says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because otherwise talking Green Glyphonians and Red Radionians would not exist; trust me, the world is a better with them :)

  23. Gracepete says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer and living in this day and age. Computers are SO much easier than handwriting and editing or typewriters-of-old.

  24. Tim says:

    I’m thankful to be a writer because it gives my mind something to do. Otherwise, 1) I’d watch too much TV, and 2) I’d get bored a lot. Not trying to be facetious; it’s the only thing that really occupies my mind in a fulfilling and satisfying way, whether I’m at the keyboard, or just thinking about my stories.

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