What Are Your New Year’s Writing Resolutions?

Every year after the ball drops, we make promises to ourselves—to lose weight, to read more fiction, to drink less coffee, to win the lottery, to finally finish writing our novels. But by February we’re already back at Starbucks avoiding our novels (and playing on Facebook). It’s time we made a pact. Who’s with me?

Recently on my Life of Dad blog, I posted 8 Reasons Why 2012 Is Going to be Amazing, and all of them were basically resolutions/goals that I have challenged myself to accomplish. From running a half marathon to organizing a flash mob, I’ve set some high goals.

But the hardest and most important goal on my list was this:

#8. I am going to pitch a Life of Dad book to agents
and put myself out there.

It’s hard to convince yourself to follow through with a goal unless you put it in writing on the Internet for the entire world to see, thus allowing for public humiliation if you give up. “Give up” is not something writers do. So I ask all of you to make a resolutions list and post it in the comments section here. In fact, if you do, I will follow up with you sometime this year and attempt to hold you to it. No joke. I want you to succeed like I want me to succeed. After all, no one else is looking out for writers other than writers, so we need to stick together and support each other.

So…who’s with me?


P.S. – Need some help? Here are a few books that may help you get started:








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79 thoughts on “What Are Your New Year’s Writing Resolutions?

  1. The Crows Nest

    My biggest critic and naysayer tends to be myself. I love writing and get excited when in the process and then before I finish my work I talk myself out of with self doubt. So this year I’m committing to myself and my family and I’m holding myself to my commitments.
    1. Finish the editing process and publish Matosuka: Saving Toby. (Even if I have to self publish or e-publish)
    I finish editing by formating and publish by 3/31/12.
    2.Write Daily. I will write at least one new chapter in The Creature every month and finish the initial draft of
    this novel by the new year.
    3.Submit one flash fiction or short story for publication every month. (It’s time I get over my fear of rejection
    and just get out there.)
    4. Spend time and research. (I will allow myself the time to research grants, queries, and overall do my
    homerwork without feeling guilty because its all part of the process.)

    Now its time to get writing. Thank you for a place to hold myself accountable and good luck to all of you.


  2. Chicago8

    Brian, Happy 2012!

    The last three years I’ve been saying I’m going to make the leap from PR consultant to freelance writer. This is the year that happens. To make sure I’m regularly pitching and publishing articles, my goal for this year is to become a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA). In order to become a member you have to supply a portfolio of at least six full-length by-lined articles of at least 1,000 words. If the articles are smaller in length, you need more than six.

    Right now I’m in the market research mode, but I need to get past the fears and start pitching so I can start publishing.

    Good luck to everyone with their goals, however big or small.

    Heidi Lading

  3. Literacy Gal

    Thanks for the kick-start, Brian. I look forward to hearing from you later this winter.

    I had a great writing year in 2011 which exceeded my meager goals last year. So my new goals for 2012 are:

    1. Finish the first draft of my novel.
    2. Complete my current manual in Toastmasters. (This connects with developing-a-platform goal.See # 6.)
    3. Consistently complete my blog columns each week.
    4. Begin obtaining PAID speaking engagements before the end of 2012. (!!)
    5. Make measurable progress on the second draft of my high school level language arts curriculum.
    6. Learn more each month about how to build a writing/speaking platform, which includes learning what the heck “social media” is all about.

    Other than that, I have nothing to do! 🙂

    Thanks for encouraging so many writers to DO IT!

  4. writermom116

    Hi Brian,
    Belated Happy New Year! I hoped that being out of town over the New Years holiday would get me off the resolution-making hook, but alas it appears that will not be the case. I actually managed to achieve some of my goals in 2011, so I’m hoping to continue the momentum in 2012! I hereby resolve:
    1) To continue to send out at least one story, poem, filler etc., a month. I choose a particular day of the month as a submitting goal. Last year, it was the first Monday of the month, but since the afore-mentioned excursion has already put me behind schedule, this year I will be submitting on the third Monday.
    2) To pound out at least 500 words a day, five days a week, as well as spending a couple of hours a week on researching markets. (I have some physical issues, so 500 a day is a good amount for me without causing pain. I don’t like pain.:))
    3) To spend less time reading other peoples’ blogs and more time writing my own. I have a new (sort-of-unfinished) website and anew blog. I will start with one quality post a week and work up from there.
    4) This one is the biggie. Last year, I was fortunate enough to have received encouragement from an agent on my current novel. While she did not accept the manuscript for representation, she did give me good direction and sound suggestions, and is open to looking at a revision. Even if she ultimately does not rep the book, this interest is a great step for me! She also said she would be interested in looking at my other wip when it is ready. Can you feel the excitement?

    Thanks for the encouragement and accountability you offer us, Brian. And, while I am a mom not a dad, and too old for a flash mob, I really would love to see that on YouTube!

  5. sistersofolympus

    Happy new year!
    I am new to writers digest, being only an online member for free for about a month. As said on my profile I am only in middle school, but I hope to pursue a career as a writer in college and after. My new years resolution for 2012 is to finish my first novel, which I am currently on chapter four. I did the math, and I should finish near September, if not by this summer. Wish me luck, and good luck to you, Brian!

  6. cyranosdaughter@comcast.net

    Happy New Year, Brian!
    You’re a good Dad! Thanks for the encouragement to post (and make public) our new year’s resolutions – no going back after that, I guess!
    Here are mine:
    Overall Resolution: “Let Go.” (Applies to everything.)
    For writing: Let go of my fear(s) and just get the thing written. Finish first novel (finally, finally), get outlines and treatments done (that’s how I work) for 2nd and 3rd story ideas and then get first drafts written for both, by year’s end. Also, get 1 or 2 short stories written (so those story ideas get out of my head) and set up my website and (maybe, still not sure about this last one) start a blog.

    Thanks again for the encouragement and great attititude. Best of luck in your writing!

  7. Peta.E

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for this post. It really got me pumped up, especially since I had already made my writing resolutions. Please nag me about my goals. I know for sure I will keep in mind that you will, and this will definitely help me to stay focused and push really hard. Here are my goals:

    1. Finish the 1st draft and revision for book 1 of my first fantasy series.
    2. finish my blog, make it public, then write and post at least 60 short stories on the site.
    3. Enter one of the WD short story competition (Yikes! :))

  8. sanarose

    I guess this is where I go wrong. 😀 After writing such a long comment, I have forgotten to add my resolution list. 🙂
    So here it goes : this is what I have announced in my blog this year.

    *I’m planning to finish writing my novel by half of this year. (Gosh!)
    *Reading more books – I haven’t read much this year.
    *Finding a publisher for my second poetry book.
    *Blogging more and sensibly.
    *Staying in love with Poetry. (easiest, I know. Don’t frown at me.)
    *Being a positive person, now that I know how to do it.

    I had a blog but as the year came to an end, I decided to change platforms and I moved onto WP keeping the old one to those who want, and I am writing better posts now. But it will take some more time before I really make some readers. But that’s okay, I have decided to be honest with me and work for my dreams. 🙂
    Cheers everybody!

    And yeah, I need someone to look out for me, now that you have said you might come around and remind us. I have yet to write about 17 chapters in my novel. Sometimes it sounds easy, sometimes a lot to fit in. But I have to do it now, or I will never be done with it!

  9. sanarose

    Well, you have plainly stated 3of my resolutions in the beginning of this post. 😀 Except for reducing coffee which I am not drinking anyway , the other three are actually my goals this year.
    And I guess I am going to stick to them! 🙂
    The finishing of my novel is the tough one to do, because, I am planning to finish it by June, that’s before I enter my final year at medical school. I had been having bad writers’ block – I began this novel in June 2010, after my first year exams, but I have been attacked by examinations and academic things that took me away from writing and having no laptop or a computer made things tougher. Finally I got back to writing on the paper during boring hours of lectures while the professors thought I was writing notes. 😀
    But then after I passed second year, and that inspiringly boring professor wasn’t teaching us anymore, I got another WB! :O I just couldn’t write without his calm and monotonous voice that talked about various pathologies and parasites and stuff.
    Then my BF got me a second hand 10 inch notebook but I had been so badly hit by WB that opening the file was nauseating and degraded my confidence. But then I took on to copying those parts I had written in papers all those months in to the laptop. And as I did it, I got back to the story and suddenly I knew why I wasn’t able to write it all. It was because the major twist in the story hadn’t really formed in my mind until then. Now I have a totally surprising twist, that threw me off guard. It was actually like coming to a know a secret the characters were keeping away from me. So when I realized how it surprised me, I knew how it would blow off the reader! 🙂 It has kept me going ever since and reading some favorite authors have totally helped me. 🙂
    Sometimes we have to think well, and discuss the plot with someone we trust to be frank and get the ideas out. Ideas form as we talk and it’s a great feeling to finally know what you have in store for the reader.
    But again, during this Xmas vacation, the virus B returned and I hadn’t been moving an inch from chapter 22.
    So, sometimes we have to make some stern decisions. And that’s what I did, it takes us back to the beginning of your post. What we end up doing by February.
    I deprived myself from Facebook and blogging and idle chats and even reduced talking to some friends who are too frank and sometimes pull my confidence down with their oh-so-holier-than-thou criticism. Let’s admit we have such friends and they are good, but not always. So I just kept away from anyone who would make me feel down. And I talked more to those who made me feel better and gave me suggestions instead of harsh criticism. And I also focussed my use of internet on finding writing tips and how to-articles about writing. Downloaded some PDF’s. And God! Just two days of it and yesterday night I sat down and wrote Chapter 23 at a stretch till 1 AM! I have never felt so tired in the process of writing, but never had I felt this gratified either!
    Sometimes, all we have to do is, ward off the distractions. The focus comes back on automatically. Since I have a published poetry book, networking is needed almost daily to get my poetry across to readers. And I don’t waste my time talking to people on FB. But still, it takes a lot of our time, for an author who is working on a novel. So, guess, I have figured out how to take my own works forward. 🙂

    Hoping to stick to the pace I have got now. I just signed up here today. And this is a useful place. Thanks!


  10. DragonScribbles

    For 2012 my writing resolution is to focus on endings. This means little things like finishing more books that I start reading and bigger things like finishing the projects I start (and follow through to more submitting). It also means the obvious of just plain working towards writing better endings. 🙂

  11. KB1976

    Wow, putting resolutions out for everyone to see is scary! OK, my 2012 resolutions are:

    1. Have a first draft of my novel completed by Dec. 31.
    2. Write for at least 15 minutes every day (in the hopes that I will be so inspired, I write for 5 hours).
    3. Save enough money to take a WD University writing course.
    4. Break myself of my worst writing habit- having to write completely linear.

    And Brian, definitely pitch that Life of Dad idea. I would totally buy that book.


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