WD Editors Are Writers Too: Meet Tiffany Luckey, Assistant Editor of Writer’s Market

All the editors on Writer’s Digest staff aren’t just 9-5 editors, we are also writers and storytellers—which is why we are so passionate about writing and publishing. “WD Editors Are Writers Too” is a new column on this blog to give you a sneak peek at the folks who lead the WD community—including their quirks, what inspires them and what they are writing outside of the Writer’s Digest world. Today’s pick is Writer’s Market Assistant Editor Tiffany Luckey, who is not only the master proofreader for this blog, but is also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Tiffany Luckey

Assistant Editor, Writer’s Market

I joined Writer’s Digest in: April 2011.

I knew I wanted to be a writer when: My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Noe, told me I should be one. This was waaayyy back in 1992.

The book that inspires me most is: “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker. (I’d like to also give shout outs to William Zinsser’s “On Writing Well” and the latest edition of “The AP Stylebook.”)

Favorite moment as a writer/editor: Whenever I’m fact checking or editing an article/story. I always feel like I’m saving the world – one inaccuracy at a time.

Worst moment as a writer/editor: Writer’s block…which I’m experiencing as I write this. Le sigh.

Any background info you’d like to share: I won first place for my first “official” short story in my high school’s writing contest when I was 15 years old, and won third place the following year. I have an unhealthy obsession with purses and handbags. My favorite band is Jamiroquai (they can do no wrong). My favorite “guilty pleasure” singer is Janet Jackson. Ever since my fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Noe told me I should be a writer, I’ve always had dreams of being a writer living in Manhattan; 20 years later, those dreams are still alive, thanks in part to the Carrie Bradshaw character on “Sex and the City.” I hate coconut. I was in a father/daughter look-a-like contest with my dad when I was 6 months old. I dream in color. I can’t leave the house without wearing earrings. I am better than you are at both Spades and Euchre (trust me, you don’t want none of this). And lastly, I don’t understand how Victoria “Posh” Beckham eventually became the most famous Spice Girl. Seriously.

Personal writing project I’m currently working on: I’m currently working on a book of short stories that I hope to complete by the end of 2012. The stories involve the lives of five women in Southwest Ohio, with their lives intertwining with each other in some way (similar to Gloria Naylor’s story telling in “The Women of Brewster Place”). I still don’t know whether to get an agent or self-publish the book. Hopefully, I’ll have the answer when I finish the project.

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3 thoughts on “WD Editors Are Writers Too: Meet Tiffany Luckey, Assistant Editor of Writer’s Market

  1. dfmoore

    Thanks for sharing Tiffany with us.
    I share common interest with her (from Janet Jackson to not leaving the house without earrings). Does she have a blog?


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