WD Editors Are Writers Too: Meet Robert Lee Brewer, Senior Content Editor of Writer’s Market

All the editors on Writer’s Digest staff aren’t just 9-5 editors, we are also writers and storytellers—which is why we are so passionate about writing and publishing. “WD Editors Are Writers Too” is a feature on this blog to give you a sneak peek at the folks who lead the WD community—including their quirks, what inspires them and what they are writing outside of the Writer’s Digest world. Today’s pick is Writer’s Market Senior Content Editor Robert Lee Brewer, who loves writing, social media, connecting with others and the Cincinnati Reds as much as I do. He was also once named Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere and can grow a monster beard in like a week.

Robert Lee Brewer

Senior Content Editor, Writer’s Market

I joined Writer’s Digest in: January of 2000 as an intern

I knew I wanted to be a writer when: I was in high school.

The book that inspires me most is: As a person, The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery; as a writer, Paterson, by William Carlos Williams

Favorite moment as a writer/editor: Participating as a National Feature Poet at the Austin International Poetry Festival earlier this year; non-stop poetry for four days.

Worst moment as a writer/editor: There’s nothing worse than making a mistake on my end that makes someone else look bad. Each mistake that I’ve missed over the years (large and small) cause me great pain. The rational side of me knows they happen, but there’s nothing rational about making a living as an editor.

Any background info you’d like to share: My writing path started in high school. I was trying to woo a girl, and it worked. But that initial love poem eventually turned into a composition notebook filled with other poems. Before I knew it, I was self-publishing my own fanzine that included poetry, fiction, comics, music reviews, local band interviews, and more. Without realizing it, I’d already gotten into publishing. I think those experiences in high school really helped shape my future in publishing and media.

Personal writing project I’m currently working on: I’ve been putting a lot of energy into my personal blog, My Name Is Not Bob. The work has been paying off, and I’m really excited about my editorial goals for that blog in 2012. Also, I’m always poeming and submitting those poems to publications. I’m currently working on the final chapbook in a self-published trilogy, which will combine to form a Voltron-like super collection of poetry. One can aspire, I guess.

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10 thoughts on “WD Editors Are Writers Too: Meet Robert Lee Brewer, Senior Content Editor of Writer’s Market

  1. Qmarpat

    I think writersdigst writers’ tool. I think most of your work is wonderful. I however on the other hand, think the writers’ Short, Short story contest is rigged. I think the staff for that should be changed. This is my second year entering, and for $15.00, I consider it a scam. Someone named Nicole, sent us generic emails, thanking us. When I sent her an email, it was returned, how do we know she didn’t just take our money without entering our works? I entered the same story; Martin the Cheater, in a writing contest, that I DIDNOT have to pay for, and recieved recognition. I think when people pay $15, $25, and now even a $100, to enter, they should recieve something, a plaque a personal letter, a momento something. I recieve awards, for my art, and I’m not spending money. I’m sorry, but I won’t be entering anymore of your contest.I’m moving on- I wish everyone here good luck.

  2. laurie kolp

    Robert is an inspiration to us all. Not only is he a fantastic writer/poet/editor, but he’s a great dad to those kiddos of his. The high school self-publishing reminds me of Stephen King. I think Robert’s headed in the write direction.

  3. seingraham

    A nice slice of Robert’s life, someone we usually only get to know on “the street” – as so many of the poets fondly refer to Poetic Asides, especially those of us who’ve been partaking in the Poem-A-Day challenges from the get-go with Robert – as someone ahead of me has pointed out – busy,busy,busy – and still time to be submitting. That is inspiring. Good interview. Thanks to you both Brian and Robert.

  4. Khara H.

    How appropriate that this story should come in the tone of a “superhero-origin narrative!” Robert is a “hero” to so many of us in the WD poetry (and general writing) community! Getting these glimpses into the lives, histories, and stories of the editors is always such an inspiration … Thanks to both of you!

  5. Colette D

    Inspiring interview. Just when I think I’m too busy to keep writing and couldn’t even begin to think of taking time to submit for publication, I see others like Robert who do so much, while still working full time in the business. Thanks for the interview!


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