WD Editors Are Writers Too: Meet Marielle Murphy, Assistant Editor of Writer’s Market

All the editors on Writer’s Digest staff aren’t just 9-5 editors, we are also writers and storytellers—which is why we are so passionate about writing and publishing. “WD Editors Are Writers Too” is a new column on this blog to give you a sneak peek at the folks who lead the WD community—including their quirks, what inspires them and what they are writing outside of the Writer’s Digest world. Today’s pick is Writer’s Market Assistant Editor Marielle Murphy who is funny, smart and tolerates the occasional Klemsquake1.

Marielle Murphy

Assistant Editor, Writer’s Market


I joined Writer’s Digest in: May 2011.

I knew I wanted to be a writer when: Well I was never good at math and I always loved writing, but I knew I wanted to pursue a career in writing when I was the head editor of my yearbook. All that editing and proofreading and writing blurbs was awesome.

The book that inspires me most is: Oh jeez there’s so many!! Can I just tell you my very favorite book ever? It’s Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I absolutely love the way he writes.

Favorite moment as a writer/editor: Every time I finish a piece and I can read through it and feel proud. Sorry for being such a cheeseball.

Worst moment as a writer/editor: I’ve had to interview some really “interesting” people. One person I interviewed was quite famous and was really rude and unhelpful and getting him to talk was like pulling teeth. So, that sucked.

Any background info you’d like to share: I love band aids. I think they are the cure to everything. I check cuteoverload.com every day (you DO NOT want to hear my “talking to wittle tiny animals voice,” I promise). I am completely fascinated by: Dinosaurs, the Holocaust, sharks, and Charles Manson. (Whatever you guys he is so smart but so crazy.) I get really irritated when people don’t use the right ‘their,’ ‘there’ or ‘they’re.’ It’s not that tough, world, get it together! Also, I don’t know how to ride a bike.

Personal writing project I’m currently working on: I’m working on a personal blog. The concept is pretty silly- it’s about my dreams. They’re crazy. They’ve always been really bizarre and I was going to start journaling them when my oh-so-hip mother suggested I blog them instead. Boom.

1 A “Klemsquake” is an earthquake-like shaking of the office floor caused by Brian A. Klems’ subconscious (and uncontrollable) leg-bouncing. Fortunately, to date, there have been no recordable injuries.

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One thought on “WD Editors Are Writers Too: Meet Marielle Murphy, Assistant Editor of Writer’s Market

  1. Thedarknight

    Hi, Marielle, congrats on making it to writer’s digest. 🙂 I’m a writer too!!!!! I think it’s wonderful to find new writers and ones who want to be. I’ve read your column and liked it. Best of luck!!!!!! 🙂


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