UPDATE: Log-In Issues Have Been Resolved (We Promise You Aren’t Banned)

So, it looks like over the weekend someone was tinkering with the WriterDigest.com system and accidently changed a setting to ban everyone. That’s right, everyone. Heck, even I was banned—can you believe that, someone as awesome as me!

Anyway, the setting has been restored and unless you were actually banned a long time ago for causing shenanigans on the site (and those folks know who they are), you should be able to log back in and enjoy your free downloads, comment on the site, read online exclusives, etc.

If you e-mailed me about the issue (my phone was buzzing off the hook yesterday), know that I will drop you a note to let you know things have been righted, but bear with me because I received hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and I type as fast as a 4-year-old—which, now that I think about it, is probably an insult to the talented typing skills of 4-year-olds.

Either way, the issue is fixed. You can go back to leaving me comments about how handsome I am. I don’t mind.


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