The Winner of the Shortest Short Story Contest (#SSStory)

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in our inaugural Shortest Short Story Contest (#SSStory). I was blown away by the participation (more than 1,100 tweets and comments) and am grateful that you enjoyed it as much as I did. With the help of WD Books editor James Duncan, we whittled it down—which was amazingly hard—and picked this winner:

He was a base jumper, a lone wolf. “Wait!” she cried. He jumped. She didn’t love him; she was just warning him about the helicopter #SSStory

For Winning …

@TheBatInTheHat will receive a free copy of Novel Writing, our 128-page guide on writing a novel. It’s a great resource for any writer considering writing (or in the middle of writing) a novel. Check it out here.

A Giveaway for You …

Also, I said that if more than 300 folks participated I’d unlock an Easter Egg download for everyone to enjoy—and we CRUSHED that number. As a thank you, here’s the Easter Egg: A download of 20 Extended Author Interviews with greats like Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, Anne Tyler, Margaret Atwood, and more, as they discuss how they set writing goals and achieve them (and much, much more). To get this freebie, just enter your e-mail address below.

And Finally …

Here’s a sampling of some of our other favorite entries:

The sky scrapers all agreed; it was an infestation. One by one, they closed all their windows and doors as the air ran out. #SSStory

He did. She didn’t. The ceremony was lovely. He looked handsome. Surprised, but handsome. She covered him with dirt. It rained.#SSStory

Water was rising. Mom and Em both clung to the beam; I could only reach one. “I’m pregnant,” said Em. Mom let go. Noah has her eyes.#SSStory

The lump in his neck became a third partner in their marriage, bossing them around through hurries and waits. ’til death, they do. #SSStory

#SSStory. Ten years savings. Summer home. A decomposed hand that stuck out of the dirt in the crawl space wasn’t in the inspector’s report.

Larry Hodges
A few apples a day kept the lion away, but only because of the strong throwing arms of the apple trees along the yellow brick road.

Her husband expelled a stony sigh at the sound of his shovel’s first plunge. A sanguinary floral dress remained; many sleepless nights ahead.


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