The Shortest Short Story Contest (Free w/Prizes)

Over the coming month thousands of writers (including you, perhaps?) will take a stab at knocking out 50,000 words in just 30 days for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). But before the marathon hits, we wanted to do a short race—a super short race—and give you an opportunity to write The Shortest Short Story you can write. In fact, we’ll give away a prize to the best one. Here’s how it works:

Write a story in 132 characters (or fewer) and post to Twitter with the hashtag #SSStory (the hashtag is where those final 8 characters go) so we can track it.


Write a story in 140 characters and post it to this blog (bonus of posting to the blog is you get an extra 8 characters! — But I will count to make sure you stay within the character count).

Post your Shortest Short Story by 10/31/12 at noon Eastern time to be eligible for a prize. The Writer’s Digest editors will then read them all and pick our favorite, naming it The Shortest Short Story Winner of 2012! And the winner will get a free copy of Novel Writing, our 128-page guide on writing a novel. Check it out here.

ALSO AS A BONUS: If more than 300 people participate (either on Twitter with the hashtag #SSStory or by commenting on this blog or by tweeting the tweet below), I will unlock an Easter Egg download for everyone to enjoy.

Enter @WritersDigest Shortest Short Story Contest Today – (It’s free & there are prizes!) #SSStory


P.S. – NaNoWriMo Help Is Here!

In honor of NaNoWriMo (and in celebration of the completion of our first ever Shortest Short Story Contest), I’m going to be offering free content every weekday in November to help all NaNoWriMo participants (and, really, anyone who is working on a novel) to make progress on their work. Each week will cover a different theme which include:

Nov 1-2: Creativity / Idea Generation
Nov 5-9: Story Structure / Plotting
Nov 12-16: Character
Nov 19-23: Inspiration
Nov: 26-30: Endings / Revision

So check back daily starting November 1! We’ll be giving away a lot of good stuff, so don’t miss it.


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237 thoughts on “The Shortest Short Story Contest (Free w/Prizes)

  1. midnight writer

    Ira knew it was irrational as he stood his hand pressed against hers, the window between them. His wife always accused him of being a realist; he winced at the irony.

  2. midnight writer

    He let loose his pain, the words boxing her ears. He now knew about the affair so something would change. In the silence, she ached for the moment that had passed by them.

  3. Cathy

    Dan married Ann. Then he met Pam. He couldn’t marry Pam. He built a shrine in his mind. Pam married Bob. Bob beat Pam. Dan killed Bob. Now Dan lives large in Panama.

  4. rose012082

    Tammy gazed in the wolf’s eyes not feeling fear but something familiar. He looked back at her longing for the day he can tell her the truth about her best friend, the wolf.

  5. mscelice

    He falls asleep; my stolen dna on him. I nudge him but he never moves, so I do. One of us will die tonight, but it’s not me. This gun was full of bullets, and now, so is he.


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