The Q: What Are the Benefits of Being a Writer?

I recently posed this question on Twitter because I was having a kind of “Oh man, why did I choose to be a writer” kind of day. (Of course, every writer knows we don’t “choose” to be writers. We are born that way, for better or worse.) So I wanted to see what the benefits were for being a writer to give me the pick-me-up I needed—and to stop me from accidentally stabbing myself with paperclips. I even started it off with this tweet:

Shortly after, dozens of tweets piled in with thoughtful, poignant and (often) hilarious reasons that being a writer is great. It really did lift the spirits of the writer in me who sometimes feels kicked around an unappreciated. And some days, we all need that.

To brighten your day a little, below is a sampling of some of my favorite #BenefitsOfBeingAWriter tweets. Feel free to add your own on Twitter or post below in the comments section. I’d love to read them.

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