The Q: Define What Writing Means to You (Plus, Win a Free WD Subscription!)

The QWriting means a lot of different things to a lot of people. It can be a release. It can be a way to pay the rent. It can be a way to exact revenge on a nemesis without actually committing a crime. But to all of us, it means something–otherwise, we wouldn’t carve time out of our busy schedules to do it.

So my Q to you is: What Does Writing Mean to You?

To be fair, it’s important that I put myself out there as well so here it goes:

To me writing means … a way to entertain myself and others (and to forget that I have a fairly large overdue phone bill sitting on my counter).

To up the ante, I’ll randomly select three people who comment on this post and share this post with others by Monday, January 23, 2012, to win a free one-year subscription to WD (or extend it for an additional year if you already have one).

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The Q: Define What Writing Means to You & Win a Free @WritersDigest Subscription – (thanks to @BrianKlems)

Let’s really dig deep and find out what the meaning of writing really is—and have a fun time reading everyone’s thoughts.


WINNERS OF A FREE WD SUBSCRIPTION: shadowprancer, KiraD, ejrmom (Thanks to everyone who participated!)

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127 thoughts on “The Q: Define What Writing Means to You (Plus, Win a Free WD Subscription!)

  1. WilJames_author

    To me, writing is my way of empowering youth. Here’s the way I see it:

    “If my stories help young people, by giving examples of kids persevering in difficult situations, then I will be very satisfied.
    If my stories help young people overcome their own challenges, and perhaps find some inspiration, then I will be happy.
    If my stories help young people find the tenacity and courage to succeed in their own lives, then I will be very pleased.
    If my stories help achieve some better understanding among friends and families, then I will consider myself fulfilled.”
    The ultimate reward for writing?

    “If even one young person finds some example in one of my books that he or she can use in their own life, then I will consider that every moment I spent writing those books was the best possible way to spend that time.”

    I’ve blogged about who I am and what writing means to me, at

  2. Fulton502

    What does writing mean to me? Writing is a retreat to me. My escape from the hard times and it also serves as a reminder to myself to appreciate the good times. Plus, if anything in my life doesn’t go like I wanted it to, I can always change it with the power of the written word.

  3. Egg

    For me, I am drawn by the power of the written word, and the challenge of mixing and matching language and thoughts to arrive at images that evoke emotion. Sometimes, entertainment and the feeling of escape is enough, and sometimes, writing serves as a tool for self-discovery and expression.

    Strangely enough, I get as much enjoyment out of learning to write, such as through studies and exercises I am exploring through my new blog, (where the WD link will appear many more times, I’m sure), as I do from actually writing ‘stories’. Go figure.

  4. ZaraAlexis

    There’s a Danish proverb that goes, “Do not speak unless you can improve on the silence.”
    For me, I believe and say, “Do not write unless you can improve on the noise.”

    Writing is an answer to a non-recovering compulsion I’ve had since I was a child. It’s my creative outlet, a personal transcription on the pulse of who we are. It’s also a wonderful excuse to validate my imagination, satisfy my multiple personalities and secret desires, as well as buy and use beautiful pens. At any given time, it may also land me a job, a date, an interesting penpal, or some small respect. If anything, it gives paper its purpose—and mine as well.

    Will tweet about the giveaway.

    On Twitter

  5. Jasmine Evans

    For me, writing is being able to say what I want to say, or what I need to say, with the safety of having a backspace/delete button. It allows me to express myself formally or informally, properly or improperly. Writing is this amazing talent/skill/gift that makes my world go ’round.

  6. dvsutherland

    Without words, I would not be able to express all the amazing thoughts that get stuck in my head. I am not good at painting, so without writing, I would never be able to share the new worlds that my crazy imagination creates. Writing is also the way that I can express to the world that no matter how bad it gets, I can find a way to make others laugh through all the bad moments. It hurts my brain just think what would happen if I could not write! Writing allows me to be so much more than just another person on the street. My worded expressions help me to be unique.

  7. melaniecole

    Writing, to me, means freedom. It means possibility. It means that one day I might be doing a job that I love, that I will have followed my passion. Writing means hope.

  8. Morilinde

    Gah, I don’t think my comment went through. Let’s try again: To me, writing is a way of expressing myself properly, as most of the words that come out of my mouth sound like they were pressed through a lopsided sieve first. Writing is also a means of ministry, to tell the world about my Saviour, Jesus Christ. 🙂 And finally, writing is one of the few things I do fairly well; at the end of the day, I can compose a story about a master chef while pretending the burnt dinner I made never happened.

    I blogged!:


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