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The Best Part About Being a Writer Is …

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47 Responses to The Best Part About Being a Writer Is …

  1. Sylavash says:

    the right to let go of the real world and get lost in another one.

  2. dch says:

    The best part about being a writer? The way my brain has learned to take an idea and run with it, to see the multitude of options that open up and take you forwards till you’ve got a story. It’s just so much fun. And, gee, I’m the boss!

  3. Kingsman says:

    …the continual game of chess against myself, plotting clever moves for both the protagonist and antagonist.

  4. EmlenA says:

    The best part about being a writer is finding out the voices in your head, in your dreams, talking to you while you’re watching TV are not clues that you’re insane, but that you’ve got a story to tell.

  5. Jeff says:

    …bringing the reader into a world that they could never experience otherwise, yet keeping reality at the very heart.

  6. lflynn says:

    ….is getting deep inside yourself and finding something you did not know was there.

  7. SMKrafty says:

    I get to visit new worlds as they unfold under my fingertips and then hold the door open for readers to step through and explore my new world and all its inhabitants.

  8. fotogrllt says:

    The best part about being a writer is allowing the mind to create what others will read. The peace of silence when alone with our thoughts. Channeling the words from a higher source. Knowing our words inspire, educate, and change the world.

  9. yberry01 says:

    Escaping into your own world, enjoying the silence in the midst of creation and expressing your deepest thoughts

  10. theconq says:

    …all the red gorillas.

  11. Pollyturple says:

    turning thoughts and feelings into words and releasing the soul from the bindings of the heart.

  12. Observer Tim says:

    … assisting young wordlets that seek to break the silence of unreality and shout “I am here”, making themselves known if only for a moment.

  13. jotokai says:

    Figuring out who the character is.

    Not just what happened in the scene, but how that fits elements of profile and backstory. That moment when two features of a character suggest a third, which brings the character into focus. When the antagonist’s motive is revealed, and she turns out to be a much better person than we thought.

    BTW, great question. Should probably spend a few minutes every day thinking about this one!

  14. snovakoff says:

    … there are an infinite number of words that describe the type of writer that I am on any given day.

  15. Monica Paul says:

    … share the adventures of a multiplicity of characters with their own philosophies, feelings, and personalities acting in their own common or fantastic environments. Each Adventure is a life and a story, some may be boring, some others may be awesome. Some readers may identify themselves with a character, some others may not. Isn’t is amazing?

  16. Parisii says:

    . . . moving the words around, changing the words, playing with the language until it “feels right” and you know that just this once you’ve beaten the odds.

  17. veryvonnie777 says:

    The best part is having a good reason for why you talk to yourself, write on walls and she a therapist.

  18. DavidV says:

    … freedom.
    The freedom to create works that are free of fact or fiction. To praise or condemn. To show love and/or hate. Free from the perceived constrains of convention on what is or what should be. Free from the constraints of acceptability or even credibility! To write that which is loved, or that which is vilified. A freedom that knows no bounds save those placed there by the writer themselves.

  19. JennyWren says:

    Is when your daydream shows up on the page just as you saw it and felt it and smelled it, and you know when someone else reads it they’ll be going on your adventure with you.

  20. judystengel says:

    The best part of being a writer is..
    to give myself permission to let go and be free;
    to wander around my fertile mind seeking creativity.

  21. Sailor661 says:

    The best part about being a writer is that your good stuff my be remembered in posterity. If you just work for a living, no one will remember what you did.

  22. EmpressNas says:

    is being able to be a voice or motivator to persons around me who wants someone to believe in them. I am passionate about my writing, so when I write I seek to inspire and allow others to become passionate about my work.

  23. sassy says:

    Being able to play god: To invent people, plots, places and phenomena all my own. What’s not to love doing that.

  24. hlvilla@ymail.com says:

    …unearthing an idea I didn’t know existed in my mind.

  25. chalam says:

    …is the happiness that comes with celebrating writing!

  26. Patricia Clyde says:

    The blank page. Unlike your life, you get to write the story exactly as you wish.

  27. …connecting my brain and my heart with others.

  28. judystengel says:

    The best part about being a writer is…
    to give myself permission to let go and be free;
    to wander around my fertile mind, seeking creativity.


  29. judystengel says:


  30. mschroniclelist says:

    …that your mind is always in a quirky mode of thinking. You can look at anything and see a different way to spin it.

  31. Bop says:

    The freedom to create any world you want to create, and to populate it with interesting characters.

  32. chipper says:

    …the maturity that results from introspection…digging layers down to discover true character motivation.

  33. bonniblu says:

    I love when the characters and setting are so real that the readers write and ask you where that town is located. They want to visit. I also love when something comes out of my brain that I never would have thought of consciously. Bonnie Drury

  34. candygirlz says:

    The best part of being a writer is to write, imagine and create our own world, it is one way of escaping from this world to ‘another world’.

  35. storyteller111 says:

    Outside of writing “The End,” I’d have to say revising. The hard part is looking at the blank page but even that can be fun for me when I write in scenes instead of thinking it must be linear.


  36. …having others discover that they love reading what I’ve written.
    …being able to create unique art from a mere 26-character alphabet.
    …enjoying the feeling that I get when I hold the pen and the ink flows onto the paper, transforming abstract thoughts to something concrete.
    …when inspiration hits!

  37. fwebster20 says:

    The best part about being a writer is feeling the words go out through your fingertips and then hearing them sing when you read them back.

  38. kimberlyhill says:

    …reading something I created and (no matter how bad it is) thinking, hey, I did that.

  39. miss owen says:

    The best part of being a writer is having something to write about everything. Its about finding a story in the cry of my baby,at the funeral stand,from the death of a loved one,the chippings of the birds beside my window etc. I just keep finding a story simply from living.

  40. james.ticknor says:

    …that “a-ha!” moment. I don’t seek the end of a book. I seek that moment where things just click. “If I make him do this, then that would explain so many things that happened before and set him up for other things to do in the future!” Yeah, that kinda moment! It fills your cup juuusssst right.

  41. Cin5456 says:

    The best part of being a writer is discovering the words that say all that needs to be said. I think, as a poet, my shortest poems, the ones that say more than they say, are my favorites.

  42. Edwin Lowry says:

    The best part about being a writer is the many different tales and worlds I get to create on my computer.

  43. EmpressNas says:

    that I am able to freely express myself and to be a voice or motivator for persons out there who need someone to believe in them and motivate them so they can make that step in being able to believe in themselves.

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