The 39 Best Blogs for Writers

While rolling through my typical stable of writing blogs this morning, I stumbled upon this great article by Writer’s Market editor Robert Lee Brewer (if you don’t follow @robertleebrewer on Twitter, you should). Anyway, he put together a great list of 39 Great Writing Blogs that he believes are most worthy of your precious time.

Here’s what he says:

There are so many blogs out there by and for writers. The list below identifies blogs that I personally think are the best blogs for writers to read. If you don’t agree with any of the selections (or think I missed a spot), then share your faves in the comments below. That way, I can check them out for next year’s list.

Best Blogs for Writers

He then goes on to list all of them in tiers of All-Star Blogs (best of the best), Great Blogs (ready to crack into the best of the best) and Blogs that Rock (worth checking out regularly). He also include the Writer’s Digest family of blogs (including this one), so it’s hard for me not to love this list (especially because he included a picture of me and my middle daughter, too). But even if mine didn’t make it, I’d still agree that his list is pretty spot-on.

What do you think? Any other blogs that deserve consideration in a “Best of Blogs for Writers” list? Drop a comment below and I’ll pass that along to Robert–or perhaps compile a “Readers’ Choice” list of my own.

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6 thoughts on “The 39 Best Blogs for Writers

  1. joeba

    I just started promoting a site for unpublished authors. I am excited about my endeavour because of the nature of the company. They not only publish books but you also get something other publishers do not provide which is priceless to new authors.
    Here’s what they do: If your submission is rejected, they will send you a full critique and ask that you work with your manuscript using their suggestions and then resubmit. Go to the site and let me know what you think.

  2. esparhawk

    I hope I’m not too late to add my two bits. I read through most of the “39 Great Writing Blogs” on Brewer’s site, and I decided that most of the blogs he recommends are about the industry. But a real writer needs to practice and improve their craft. I didn’t see Grammar Girl on Brewer’s list, but I use Grammar Girl’s blog daily. I’m also a fan of Critique Circle. Heck, while you’re at it, check out my site (click on my name), which is a miniature online version of the MLA handbook with easy-to-find grammar guidelines.

    On Critique Circle, I see gobs of stories that lack the basics of English grammar and punctuation. When I read these manuscripts, I think to myself, “How will that poor soul ever get published, when they can’t tell the difference between to and too?” For someone like that, Rachelle Gardner’s tips on how to write query letters aren’t going to help that much.

    Don’t get me wrong; I admire Rachelle Gardner and many of the others mentioned on Brewer’s list. However, I frequent their websites less often than I do websites that really help me hone my craft.

    So when you decide to put together your own list, Mr. Klems, consider focusing on 10 sites that help writers hone their craft or something of that nature.

    1. Brian A. Klems Post author

      Thanks for the note. I do put together my own list of the 101 best websites for writers in our May/June issue every year … And I believe I’ve included every site you mention above. 🙂

      I recommend checking it out.
      WD Online Editor

  3. anil


    Thanks. To be frank, I am having whale of a time, just wading through the 3 Writer’s Digest blogs – Writer’s Dig, There are no Rules, Questions and Quandaries. I have covered back to 2010 till now. Your humor – in due course, I hope, I get infected with it.

    Look forward to your Newsletter every week.

    Being a newcomer, I continuously scour for articles on Writing Craft.
    I have read Strunk & Whyte Element of Style as also On Writing Well. And intend to subscribe soon to Writer’s Digest.

    I would appreciate if you can guide me to a listing of reference books for Amateur Writers (Non Fiction).

    Thanks & Regards..
    Anil K


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