So You Want to Write a Novel (This is Hilarious)

OK, so as both a young writer many moons ago and as a weathered editor today, I can admit that, when it comes to the publishing industry, I’ve spanned the scale from naive to cynical to cautiously optimistic. But this video really, really made me laugh.

“What was the last book that you read?”
“I saw all of the Harry Potter movies.”

Really, I spit Pepsi out of my nose at that line. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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17 thoughts on “So You Want to Write a Novel (This is Hilarious)

  1. xrmorgan

    I once had a boyfriend who said to me “I think I’ll write poetry. You’re a writer, so I know I can do it.” Super offensive! He was a terrible writer.

    Done by the end of the week! Hilarious, and I wish that were possible.

  2. adrian

    I know this video is a parody, but it’s true to the highest degree. A lot of writers think they can just write, sell, write, sell. None of them realize this until they start to write the novel and panic when these unpublished fish realize that they’re stuck on page one. I’ve been in this position before and the one thing I never do is underestimate the size of the project that I am having to write. Right now, I’m at almost twenty thousand words and feel like this thing is going nowhere. Will I publish this first attempt? Probably not since this is my best attempt at actually writing a novel. My friends say I should keep working on it and try to publish somewhere (they’ve already read part of it), but I’m not so sure at this stage.

    This video has a ton of reality to it as the pig is the average writer who has too much hubris. My favorite part was, “I think I will finish by the end of the week.” No, just no!

    1. HPSeeker

      Jeffery, I have the same feelings/thoughts. I have to say, though, that it was the “pitchforks/burning-at-the-stake” line that cracked me up! lol

  3. Sherry Anderson

    I lead a writer’s group – This is so true to life for those who don’t have a clue about writing and the business – all there together in one person. All I could do was smile. Thanks for the amusement!

  4. napkinjenny

    I like the part about coming up with a new idea at page 50. That would be why I have 3 works in progress at 50,000+ words, 1 that I managed to just leave as a bare bones sketch, and 1 that I started yesterday (how timely) that I’m hoping will just amount to some ramblings I needed to get out of my system. But at least words are getting on paper, right.

  5. HuffmanHanni

    “I have a gun in my car.” My god that made me laugh so hard. I’m not sure if this is supposed to inspire me as a beginning writer or discourage me but at least I have a better clue and more realistic expectations than the one guy.


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