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There comes a time in every writers life where, if even for a split second, he thinks to himself, “Should I consider using a pseudonym like Max Powers or J.P. Awesome or Stephen Kingg (with two Gs)?” Most writers will ultimately stick with their given name, but others will take the leap. Should you take the leap?

I’ve been compiling a list of names for myself over the years. I decided to do it because 1) I wanted to be prepared in case I ever needed one and 2) I was bored and looking to have some fun. My names were pulled from different things that have some sort of significance in my life, such as:

  • The name of a character from one of my favorite books
  • My name spelled backwards
  • The last names of my two favorite Cincinnati Reds from the 1990
  • World Championship team
  • My superhero name based on a tangible skill that I have
  • The name of a character from “Scrubs,”
  • The name of my cabbage patch kid
  • The name of my desk garden gnome

Here’s my list (see if you can match which is which to the list above):

If you picked a pseudonym, would it be based on something in your life or completely random? If you like completely random, you’ll love this Fake Name Generator site. From pseudonyms to vampire names to evil names and more, this site is a lot of fun and will keep you entertained when you need a break.

Also, here are a couple of important articles on why authors use pseudonyms, some legal issues around them and a list of famous pseudonyms:

Captain Hugs-A-Lot

P.S.-Create a pseudonym based on something in your life (can be meaningful, funny, etc.), explain it and post it in the comments section. I’ll select one commenter at random for a free subscription. Deadline: Thursday, September 15 at Noon EST.


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58 thoughts on “Should You Use a Pseudonym, Cool Fake Name Generator & Free WD Subscription

  1. aalejandrophamblin

    There is a tool called NamoBOT that you can use to generate a lot of different type of names including but not limited to domain names, app names, store names, blog names etc. Just enter your desire keywords that you want in your name, then it will begin thousands of suggestions based upon your keyword idea.

  2. Tim

    Is someone really chosen at random or should we include as much butt-kissing as possible? Sorry I missed the deadline, but my pseudonym is, The Writer Formerly Known as Tim

  3. secular_christian

    Pinche Durazo. When I was around two or three I was at Sunday mass with my family and a cousin of the same age named Myra. During a point where the congregation was at it’s quietest my cousin had ran to the alter and turned to shout for me. But she didn’t use my real name, instead used the name she thought was my name: Pinche. My dad used to call me that so much that she thought it was my real name. It’s basically Spanish for ‘little bastard’ (not literal translation, just in meaning). Durazo is the last name my father was born into and is infamously known for one of Mexico’s most notorious bandits (and a great uncle of mine) El Negro Durazo, who among other things, kept supplies of weapons going to Pancho Villa.

  4. Chelsea Daytona

    Well I’ve always thought that my real name sounds like a pseudonym: Chelsea Daytona Chevalier. My dad has a thing for NASCAR. However, if I had to choose another name for myself it would most likely be Jocelyn Thames, because Jocelyn is a name I frequently use at Starbucks for fun when I don’t feel like being myself (along with a British accent) and Thames is the last name of my favorite character from one of my stories.


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