Pseudonym Winner!

Thanks to so many people for sharing their clever and fun (and often funny) pseudonyms with me. As promised, I randomly selected a commenter to receive a 1-year free subscription to Writer’s Digest magazine. And the winner is …

AmyJ or, as you may know her one day, “Sidney Grisham,” named after her “favorite character (Sidney Carton of A Tale of Two Cities) and the last name of my favorite author (John Grisham).”

And, just to prove to Tim who suggested “butt-kissing” helps your odds of winning, here are some photos to show that I do draw these things at random (though “butt-kissing” is totally welcome and may be considered as a prerequisite in future contests):

Thanks again for playing. Go Reds (even if they were just officially eliminated from postseason contention)!


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7 thoughts on “Pseudonym Winner!

  1. secular_christian

    I would like to point out that just because you show pictures of names in a cap doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t take the time to dig through all the pieces of paper and pull out a name you wanted. ^_^

    1. Tim

      Have faith, secular_christian, I think we can trust our esteemed online editor, Mr. Klems. He is a fine and upstanding WD citizen (with more free subscriptions to give away…I will refer you to: “though “butt-kissing” is totally welcome and may be considered as a prerequisite in future contests”)

    2. Brian A. Klems Post author

      I’ve been accused of a lot of things–having a big head, lousy softball play, having “dumb” taste buds for preferring Pepsi over Coke–but I’ve never been accused of “pulling the name I wanted” from my mini-Reds helmet. I kind of like the controversy, no matter how silly it is. 😉

      Thanks for the laugh,
      WD Online Editor

  2. Tim

    That is so awesome that the drawing is completely random. It’s really great to know that you’re an honest person and take these things seriously. I really look forward to reading more of your posts and learning from your infinite wisdom!

    …too much? 🙂


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