Plot Your Book: Scene By Scene – Webinar with Author Jordan E. Rosenfeld

rosenfeldJordanOver-plotter, under-plotter? Struggles with plot are common among writers at all levels. This live webinar will take the guess-work out of plotting by teaching you the key scenes that build your plot backbone, providing a refresher on the elements of a scene, and breaking down the specific kinds of scenes you’ll need at each of the three key Acts of a novel. Plots, after all, are simply stories comprised of well-placed and stylized scenes.

In this live 90-minute webinar — titled “Plot Your Book: Scene By Scene” —  author Jordan E. Rosenfeld helps you simplify the plot process and avoid being overwhelmed by what comes next, so you can focus on the work of writing powerful characters and transformative stories. Rosenfeld brings more than a decade of experience in teaching students how to use scenes to transform writing. Plus, as a bonus, Rosenfeld will critique a one-page plot outline or summary about your novel! It all happens at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, December 4, 2014, and lasts 90 minutes.

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  • The essential ingredients of a scene
  • The five key “lynchpin” scenes that build your plot backbone
  • The importance of First and Final scenes
  • How a plot is a journey of character transformation
  • Your scenes in three Acts
  • How to add plot information to every scene

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All registrants are invited to submit a 1-page plot outline or summary. All submitted plot outlines are guaranteed a written critique by Author and Editor, Jordan E. Rosenfeld.

Please Note: Even if you can’t attend the live webinar, registering for this live version will enable you to receive the On Demand webinar and a personal critique of your material. Purchasing the On Demand version after the live event will not include a critique.

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Jordan E. Rosenfeld, MFA, is author of the novel Forged in Grace, and the writing guides Make a Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time, Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life (with Rebecca Lawton) and the forthcoming: A Writer’s Guide to Surrender: A Tool-kit to Build and Bolster a Lasting Writing Practice. Jordan’s essays and articles have appeared in such publications as, Marin Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, the St. Petersburg Times, Whole Life Times, The Writer and Writer’s Digest magazine. Her book commentaries have appeared on The California Report, a news-magazine produced by NPR-affiliate KQED radio. She teaches popular writing courses through her website: She earned her MFA in creative writing and literature from the Bennington Writing Seminars.

She is also the creator and former host of Word by Word: Conversations with Writers, a radio program interviewing well-known writers such as TC Boyle, Louise Erdrich and others on KRCB, which won an NEA Chairman’s grant in 2004.

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  • Writers who find plot overwhelming
  • Writers who tend to “over-plot”
  • Writers who have trouble finishing a novel
  • Writers who find their story sagging in the middle
  • Writers who seek an inciting incident
  • Writers whose scenes lack a focus or goal
  • Writers who want to write compelling, active scenes
  • Writers who seek to understand their characters’ goals
  • Writers who want to revise a plot
  • Writers who are brand new to plotting

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All registrants are invited to submit a 1-page plot outline or summary. All submitted plot outlines are guaranteed a written critique by Author and Editor, Jordan E. Rosenfeld. Instructions on how to submit your work are sent after you have purchased the webinar and officially register in Go-to-Webinar. When you have registered in GTW, you will receive a confirmation email from, which contains the information you need to access the live webinar AND the Critique Submission Instructions.

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