Listen Now: Tax Tips for Writers (You Could Be Saving Money)

WMPodcast_featuredHave you checked out the Writer’s Market podcast yet? It’s a great opportunity for us to deliver you great information to you on many topics that are important to freelancers and writers. (Did I mention that I’m one of the cohosts of this awesome podcast, along with my good friend and Writer’s Market editor Robert Lee Brewer?)

In the most recent episode, we tackle tax issues with Carol Topp, a certified CPA who not only knows tax laws in and out, but is also a writer so her emphasis is specific to writers. Listening to this now, whether using the advice for the past tax season or the upcoming one, could help you save money and make decisions on how to invest in yourself as a writer.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Simple deductions many writers overlook
  • Are writing conferences and book purchases something you can write off?
  • If you buy and sell your own books, when can you write them off?
  • How should you keep track of your expenses?
  • And more!

To listen to current and past episodes on the Writer’s Market blog, visit:
The Writer’s Market Podcast page.


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