Jerry Jenkins, Co-Author of the “Left Behind” Series, is Teaching a New Webinar on Revision & Self-Editing (Aug. 25, 2011)

I don’t know about you, but I revise everything I write. Heck, sometimes it takes me five or six tries of rewriting for a 140-character tweet. It’s taken me years of practice to fine-tune my revision process. Truth is, if I had help learning how to properly revise my work years ago, I’d be in even better shape today. That’s why we’ve lined up an excellent webinar on “How to be a Ferocious Self-Editor” taught by the bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins.

Here’s the scoop:

A few years ago, we had fiction heavyweights Stephen King and Jerry B. Jenkins interview one another for an article in the magazine. It was an amazing article. Both men have sold incredible amounts of books and understand what makes fiction work. That’s why it’s especially exciting that Jerry Jenkins is teaching a new webinar on Aug. 25, 2011 called “How to be a Ferocious Self-Editor,” where attendees can learn the fundamental writing principles that can make a manuscript shine.



The whole thing goes down at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011, and lasts 2 hours. Each registration comes with access to the archived version of the program and the materials for 1 year. In all WD webinars, no question goes unanswered. Attendees have the ability to chat the instructor during the live event and ask questions. You will receive a copy of the webinar presentation after the live event. Sign up here.


In her book, Reading Like a Writer, Francine Prose says that “…for any writer, the ability to look at a sentence and see what’s superfluous, what can be altered, revised, expanded, or especially cut, is essential. It’s satisfying to see that sentence shrink, snap into place, and ultimately emerge in a more polished form: clean, economical, sharp.”

Despite that the vehicles carrying your writing to the market are changing every minute—whether you’re Tweeting, blogging, submitting to online/print publications, pitching conventional publishers or planning to self-publish—the cream still rises to the top. Your writing has to be edited and rewritten until it shines. The competition has never been tougher, and that’s why it’s important your work is vigorously self-edited and revised before you ever submit to editors or agents. Learning to edit and rewrite your own stuff is more crucial than ever.

This session will give you the tools to fashion your writing to where it’s a cut above the competition. You’ll see, with examples of pages on screen, how to wrestle every sentence into submission. Sign up here.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to make every word count
  • Secrets of dialogue attribution, including the latest trends
  • How to avoid clichés, including more than words or phrases—catching hackneyed situations and scenes
  • How to avoid throat-clearing and get quickly to your point
  • The importance of maintaining a single point of view
  • How to resist the urge to explain, giving the reader credit
  • How to make your writing irresistible to an editor


Jerry B. Jenkins is a New York Times best-selling novelist and biographer with more than 70 million books sold. He is the co-creator of the Left Behind series. His writing has appeared in Time, Reader’s Digest, Parade, Guideposts, and many other periodicals. He has been featured on the cover of Newsweek and Writer’s Digest.

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