Happy Holidays from the Writer’s Digest Team

Every year we have a small holiday party, generally held at our art director’s house (she likes hosting, plus she lives minutes from our office). We eat lunch, chat about the worst Christmas presents we’ve ever received, play games and close things down with a White Elephant gift exchange. But the one thing that dominates the conversation throughout the entire event is how lucky we are to be a part of the wonderful writing community, doing something we love that (hopefully) helps others find success.

And though we can’t send out a card to everyone individually, would you like to wish you:

(And yes I’m wearing a Homer Simpson Christmas t-shirt. Also, I’m not sure why no one told me that my hat was on sideways. I’m not cool enough to wear it like that.)

Relax and enjoy the next few days. Come January 1, we’re knocking out writing resolutions and reaching our dreams.

Brian & the rest of the WD Staff

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One thought on “Happy Holidays from the Writer’s Digest Team

  1. Thedarknight

    Thanks for the support everyone. 🙂 I’m looking forward to next year’s writing resolutions. Me and my whole writing community wishes all of you Happy Holidays also with lots of smiles. 🙂


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