Friday the 13th Fun: 13 Top Products in the Writer’s Digest Shop

I know Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day, but I prefer to take the day and look at what can make me better—a better person, a better dad, a better writer. There are a lot of great WD tools that have helped me with the latter. And I’m not alone. Bestselling authors like Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer have credited some of their early success to Writer’s Digest and Writer’s Market. Even John Grisham has said that this article that originally appear in WD gave him the tools to write The Firm.

If you’re reading this blog it’s probably safe to say that you have a favorite Writer’s Digest magazine, book or other item that has really helped you. If not, you’ve probably considered investing in one to take your writing to the next level, but perhaps weren’t sure what to get.

So, to celebrate this Friday the 13th, I’ve put together a list of the top 13 Writer’s Digest tools that writers have scooped up from our shop so far this year. Check them out. Also, if you have a favorite item from the Writer’s Digest collection and don’t see it on the list, comment and let me know why you’ve found it so valuable. I’d love to know.

The Top 13 Writer’s Digest Tools of 2012

1. 2nd Draft 
2. 2012 WM Deluxe

3. VIP Program

4. 2012 Guide to Literary Agents

5. The Wealthy Writer

6. Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript

7. 2012 CWIM

8. 2012 NSSWM

9. Writing Your Way

10. WD Yearbook 2012

11. WD Guide to Query Letters

12. WD Grammar Desk Reference

13. 2010 WD Write Your Novel in 30 Days

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