Free Webinar Tuesday @ 2:30 EST – 7 Secrets of Successful Self-Published Authors

If you’ve never tried a webinar before or have been hesitant to try because you’re not sure how it works and don’t know whether it’d be a right fit for you, you have an opportunity to try one for free.


The 7 Secrets of Successful Self-Published Authors

Keith Ogorek, SVP of marketing for Author Solutions and self-published author of two books, shares seven secrets he’s learned from his own experience working with hundreds of authors that will help you understand your publishing options and the key things to know about effective marketing. Confused or overwhelmed by the changes in publishing today?  This seminar will help you gain clarity about your opportunities.

Sign up and try it out here.

This really is a great way to familiarize yourself with webinars and learn how they work, all while getting some valuable information about self-publishing and whether or not it may be a right fit for you.

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