Dream Big with Us

Hello, all my writerly friends. Some of you know me as “Q&Q Guy.” Others know me as “WD Newsletter Guy.” But I’m hoping that over time, while reading this new blog on the beautifully redesigned (and easy to navigate) WritersDigest.com, you’ll get to know me as “Incredibly Handsome Guy”–or, at least, as a guy who can help you find the advice, information and tools you need to help make you a better writer and advance your writing career.

I’ll be here daily, posting links to anything and everything writing related. If something’s new on the site, I’ll link to it here like this. If I find a good article elsewhere that’s worth your time, I’ll mention it here like this. If I beat my wife in a game of Scrabble, I’ll post pictures of my celebratory dance where? You guessed it: Here. (And if I have to sleep on the couch for doing that, I’ll post those pics too. Hey, that may make a great writing prompt!)

We all dream of finding writing success. What I hope to do is help you reach that goal, that dream. At the very least I hope to help you improve your writing in some way, shape or form each day. So make this blog a permanent part of your morning, much like a needed caffeine fix. When you need a boost, I’ll be here.


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2 thoughts on “Dream Big with Us

  1. WinterThielen Post author

    Hi Michelle:
    Thank you for your comment. I just tested the form and it is working completely. When you click submit you will see the two arrows and then a little box will appear on the page that says “Thank you for submitting to the Writer’s Digest Your Story competition!”. Please make sure you are on the latest version of the browser you are using.

    Best Regards,
    Winter Thielen

  2. bunnyphonic

    Hey Winter,
    Just wanted to let you guys know that the Competition “Your Story #36” is wonky. Whenever I try to submit my entry, it just goes into an infinite loop of arrows next to the SUBMIT button. It never confirms your entry or gives you any other prompts. Can you check it out?


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