Cyber Monday (Deal and a Prompt)

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And, for the creative types on this Monday filled with Internet deals, here’s a prompt to get you in your weekly writing groove:

It’s Cyber Monday and, after a longing to shed your past life and start anew, you’ve decided to sell everything in your house at a steep discount on eBay. A few items sell before an anonymous bidder offers to buy EVERYTHING, though the person isn’t offering money. Write a scene where you contact the bidder and discuss his or her offer.

Post your response in the comments section. Would love to see what wild and crazy things people chose to use as currency.

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3 thoughts on “Cyber Monday (Deal and a Prompt)

  1. jmiff328

    I didnt see a word limit so I went over the normal 500, also it is not exactly what was asked but I just went with where the story took me. Feedback always appreciated. Thanks!

  2. jmiff328

    Joe stared at the monitor in disbelief. He had put the items on Ebay as a joke. Earlier in the day his neighbor had been over drinking beer in the garage while Joe worked on his latest acquisition. A red 1974 Ford Torino with a 460cu in, 7.5 liter, V8 engine with a 4 speed manual transmission. The car was just a hulk of its former self but Joe would make her beautiful again, he always did. He would work for hours never slowing. Joe seemed to never get tired when he was in this garage. His neighbor who had been ingesting beer since early in the day was amused at the fact that Joe who birthed many beautiful cars from this garage, but somehow couldn’t keep anything else in this life looking good. His home was falling apart. He had furniture from thrift stores that was decomposing where it sat. The neighbor said “I bet if you sold everything except this car you wouldn’t get but a thousand bucks.” Joe knew his possessions were not lavish. He knew that everything he worked for went into his cars. What’s more he knew that a competition was something that he couldn’t back down from. Joe set to work using his dated IBM desktop and put his entire life for sell. He put an asking price of a million dollars and hooted at the thought of somebody paying it. He shut the computer down, he couldn’t leave it on more than a hour at a time or it would overheat, and went to grab a beer from the fridge.
    An hour or so afterward he turned my computer back on to find out if anyone had placed a bid on all his worldly possessions. What he saw made no sense. The million dollar asking price had already been paid and was in his bank account. Joe passed out at his computer. He woke five minutes later with a splitting headache and a sunburn from his face lying on the computer monitor. Joe stood up and paced back and forth a few times trying to make sense of this joke. The page had a phone number at the bottom with instructions to call as soon as possible. Joe decided to call this jokester and find out what kind of game he was playing. The phone made several clicks and purrs indicating a overseas call. It was finally picked up by a man who sounded very old. “Hello, Is this the man who owns the house?” Joe pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it. Joe spoke with a slight edge in his voice. “Yes, that’s me! I would appreciate if you would tell me what kind of scam you are running here.” “No scam son, this is very serious business.” The old man said, “ I represent a group of very wealthy investors that have been searching for what you possess for the majority of their lives.” Joe’s mouth was slowly opening with shock but the old man didn’t slow down and give him a chance to articulate his feelings. “We are prepared to pay the price per month that you have requested.” Joe felt like he was in the twilight zone. His mouth was dry and his arms and legs felt like they weighed a hundred pounds apiece. He said the only thing that was going through his mind. “A…a month?” “Yes sir, you sound like a young man so I’m sure a million dollars a month will make you extremely wealthy. My flight leaves late tonight and I will be in your area first thing in the morning. Should we say around 7am?” Joe was still astonished but managed to agree. Before the old man hung up Joe got his sanity back. He said “I know what I have here but just to be clear, what do you believe you are buying?” The old man gave a long sigh and spoke slowly “It’s the fountain of youth boy, the legend says whoever bathes in it will be perpetually immortal. I’m sure you have noticed the effects of just being in close proximity to it. I know you didn’t know what you had but the group I represent doesn’t care about that. They would shell out whatever needed to get at this house.” Joe agreed to meet the man at 7am tomorrow and hung up the phone. He went to the garage and pulled out a sledgehammer. He spoke his thoughts aloud, laughing while he beat the concrete floor to a pulp. “They think a million a month is a deal? Ha Let’s see how they like to pay for it for all eternity!”


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