The Writer’s Digest Annual Conference: 4 Sessions to Help Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Writing

Tap into the wisdom of professionals and get inspired with Writer’s Reserve, a brand new writing track at the Writer’s Digest Conference to help you find inspiration and rejuvenate your writing.

The latest addition to our other offerings at the Writer’s Digest Conference, our new Writer’s Reserve track is meant to inspire you—whether you’re looking to jumpstart your writing, rethink your approach, or reinvigorate your work. There are even sessions for freelancing and researching! This programming offers a little bit of everything you’ll need and want, encouraging you to be the best writer you can.

Take a look at a few of the sessions offered in Writer’s Reserve:

Copywriting: Build Your Freelance Business

Emily Wenstrom

As a writer, you have a core skill set that every company needs: the ability to grab an audience’s attention and communicate an idea. Whether you seek full-time freedom or just a little extra side-hustle cash, freelancing as a copywriter can help you reach your goal. In this session, a professional writer—one who’s worked every side of the business—will give you the foundation you need to get started in this lucrative field. You’ll leave with newfound knowledge of copywriting basics, as well as advice on how to find jobs, set rates, and earn more money.

10 Top Lessons From 10 Years of Bestselling Author Interviews

Jessica Strawser

This session distills a decade of wisdom into a collection of all-time best insights about the creative process, the writing life, the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Get new perspectives from award-winners and bestsellers on revolutionizing your writing routine, following the path of your story, revising with the right mindset, persevering through rejection, and more.

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The Inner Game

Jacob Krueger & Dr. Audrey Sussman

Taught by WGA Award–winner Jacob Krueger and renowned hypnotherapist Dr. Audrey Sussman, this life-changing workshop draws on techniques from hypnosis and meditation to help you break through the inner walls that get in the way of your success. Appropriate for writers of all genres and all experience levels.

The Craft of Writing for Knitters and Crafters

Alanna Okun 

As a lifelong crafter, author Alanna Okun (The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater) has found a somewhat surprisingly high number of parallels between knitting and writing, and how lessons from one discipline have helped inform her work in the other. We’ll talk about the allure (and frustration) of creating something that looks just the way you want it; the slow, steady rhythm of putting one word—or stitch—after another; and the ineffable power of just sitting down and getting started.

Feeling like you’re at an impasse with your latest story? Stuck in a rut? Get those creative juices flowing with Writer’s Reserve at the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference—and get the best deal on registration today!

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