CONFERENCE SPOTLIGHT: Mad Anthony Writers Conference, Hamilton Ohio, April 4-6

Come join me this spring at a great writing event in Southwestern Ohio — The Mad Anthony Writers Conference, happening April 4-6, 2014. I will be a keynote speaker at the event and will be teaching several sessions too. The conference also features multi-genre workshops, pitch appointments, critiques, advice appointments and more.


The event is from April 4-6, 2014 (Friday-Sunday). The conference takes place in Historic Hamilton, Ohio, at Hamilton’s Marriott Courtyard Inn. (Register by Valentine’s Day and you can get the Early Bird pricing.)

Add Humor to Everything You Write
Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, self-help books or blogs, adding humor to your writing is an excellent way to endear yourself to your audience. Brian A. Klems shares 8 simple ways to write funnier.

After the Book Deal: All the Things You Need to Know about Book Blurbs, Marketing, Social Media and the Publishing Process
Your manuscript is finished and you’ve landed a book deal. Now what? Brian A. Klems walks you through the publishing process, explaining what publishers do, what they don’t do and what you need to do to give your book the best chance at success.

E-Publishing/Independent Publishing
Get the inside scoop on the changes Indie publishing, how it’s gone from taboo to a legitimate way to get published, and what options you have if you want to go the Indie/E-book route.

SUNDAY MASTER CLASS: How to Turn a Blog Into a Book (& Land an Agent and Publishing Deal)
Brian A. Klems delivers the 10 Rules he Learned Throughout The Blog-to-Agent-to-Book Process and teaches how what he learned can help you take your blog to the next level and attract an audience (and a publisher).

See the entire list of speakers here.

View a list of all workshops here.

Get info on critique appointments and more here.

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