And You Thought Typewriters Were Dead

Apparently, it’s the complete opposite: Typewriters are alive. Maybe a little too alive. They are being dissected and reassembled to look like human heads and bodies. It’s quite amazing.

According to this fun piece written by Simone Preuss, artist Jeremy Mayer takes old typewriters and uses their parts to build very life-like sculptures.

(photo used with permission from Jeremy Mayer)

A Minnesota native who currently lives in Oakland, Calif., Mayer has been creating these life-like works since 1994. He uses nothing but typewriter parts in his pieces (which is beyond incredible to me) and some of his work has sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

If you’re interested in buying or commissioning a piece (or just looking at more of Mayer’s inspiring work), visit his website

P.S.- Thanks to my wife who pointed this out to me. She also pointed out that once, in grade school, she created a hand out of soda-can tabs. I told her if she wanted to keep it up I’d be willing to drink as many Mt. Dews as necessary to support her craft. After all, that’s what husbands do. *insert smiley face*


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