Add Writer’s Digest to your Google+ Circles (& Get Freebies)

Hey everyone, I have a pretty big freebie for you. Google+ is growing at a rapid pace, which is why I’m beefing up our G+ page—and I want you to join us! Add Writer’s Digest to one of your circles and, as a thank you, at the end of the month I’ll send you a valuable freebie through Google+. It’s that easy. Put us in one of your circles, get something free. I wanted to kick things off with a bang, so I’m starting with a really good one:

Legal Issues and Contract Basics: All Your Writing Questions Answered OnDemand Webinar

This OnDemand webinar is a $79 value and you can gain access to it for free by adding us to your circles. You’ll also get valuable tips, advice and inspiration every day from your friends here at Writer’s Digest, helping you achieve your goals to write better and get published. I’ll be creating a circle of all who follow us and, on March 31, I’ll send out the link through Google+ to access the Legal Issues and Contract Basics OnDemand Webinar so you can get a valuable copyright issues education (for free!).

If you’re not on Google+, it’s definitely worth checking out. And if you are, be sure to add us to your circles.

(And yes, I realize that I linked to our G+ page a lot, but I don’t want you to miss out.)

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