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writing-promptsNow that we’re more than a week in to the new year, I can already see some of those resolutions starting to fade (I ate a giant bag of Doritos last night—so much for the calorie counting!). That’s why it’s important to get help whenever possible to keep your goals in site (I had my wife take the other bag of Doritos to work today, otherwise it was a goner).

Writers often have a tough time staying on our diet—you know, the one where our goal is to burn as many words as possible onto the page each day. That’s why we’re here to help with 365 writing prompts to provide inspiration every day of the year. Maybe some days you have a great story idea–then skip the book that day. But on other days when you struggle to find a starting point, this book will provide you with clever, fun and thought-provoking story starters designed to help you get the most from your writing.

One question I’ve received is: Can you sell a story based off writing prompts? The answer is absolutely! It’s all in how you, the writer, take these ideas and spin them into the most amazing stories you can. Perhaps one could even lead to a chapter in your book (or a subplot)? Who know. Either way, it’s nice to have a book like this for that rainy day where writer’s block tries to stop you from reaching your writing goals.

Order now and start writing today!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I better get back to writing so I can burn off some of those Doritos calories. (Don’t worry, I washed my Nacho Cheesy hands first, I swear.)

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