5 Tips from Ann Crispin, Co-Founder of Writer Beware

annpic4It’s with a heavy heart that we mourn the passing of bestselling author Ann Crispin, co-founder of Writer Beware (you can read a short note about it here from Ann’s close friend and Writer Beware counterpart Victoria Strauss). Ann contributed to Writer’s Digest on several occasions and has long been an advocate of writers’ rights. To honor her, we’ve pulled 5 excellent tips from our archives that she co-wrote with Victoria and shared with us over the years.

1. Not all agents are created equal, and editors know the difference.

2. When you meet your dream editor at a conference, your first words after “Nice to meet you” should not be: “I’ve written a great book, can I send it to you?”

3. Don’t think working with just any agent will give your manuscript a better shot at acceptance than your own submitting efforts will.

4. Looking for publication is no bed of roses, and there are no shortcuts. Remember, every writer who ever has succeeded was once where you are.

5. A publisher that skimps on quality and doesn’t provide adequate editing and proofing won’t do a better job with promotion.

You will be missed, Ann. —The Writer’s Digest Staff

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