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It’s Our 3rd Annual “April Fools’ Headlines for Writers” Contest – Join in & Win Prizes!

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April Fools Day is upon us and it’s time to have some fun. Create entertaining, clever and witty headlines that would appear in an Onion-style newspaper for writers about writing topics (grammar, authors, books, etc.) and post it in any of the ways mentioned below. That’s it! That’s all you have to do. To make it extra special, I’ll up the ante: Enter this competition in any of the four ways below and spread the word of it by mentioning this blog post and I’ll enter you into a drawing for a free copy of the 2012 Writer’s Yearbook, which features The Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers. In fact, I’ll give away 5 of them so we can have 5 winners.

Here’s my first one:

How to be entered for a chance to win:

1. Post your headline in any one of these ways:

  • On this blog: Leave your headline in the comment section of this post.
  • On Twitter: Use the hashtag #AprilFools4Writers with your headline
  • On Facebook: Leave your headline as a comment in the #AprilFools4Writers thread.
  • On Google+: Leave your headline as a comment in the #AprilFools4Writers thread.

2. Link to this blog post about the competition through any of your social media sites–Twitter, FB, Google+, your blog.
If you post on Twitter, include my handle @BrianKlems so I can track it. If you post on FB, Google+ or post on your blog, include the link below in the comments section. Here’s a sample that you can use anywhere:

Like April Fool’s Day? Enter the @WritersDigest #AprilFools4Writers contest. It’s free! Details: bit.ly/HrfeVW (via @BrianKlems)

If you want to be eligible for prizes, you have to do both. Deadline is Sunday night, April 1, 2012 at midnight EST. (So you have all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday to participate!) I will announce the winners and post some of my favorite entries next Monday, April 2 right here on this blog. Remember, enter because it’s fun—as a bonus, you could walk away with a copy of this:

P.S. Want to win even bigger prizes and receive prestigious awards? Check out other Writer’s Digest writing contests.


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16 Responses to It’s Our 3rd Annual “April Fools’ Headlines for Writers” Contest – Join in & Win Prizes!

  1. missyelmo says:

    Sixty nine, yes 69 and still right side up.

  2. donnalynn26 says:

    Author sends out querry letter and wories about not getting a reply.

  3. evanfp says:

    ***WANTED***: Teen Poetry
    - $2.75 per word
    - Preferred topics include: unrequited love, conformity, parenting methodologies

  4. Egg says:

    G, tired of being typecast in sexual roles, offers her spot to Q.

  5. JSawyer says:

    “J.K. Rowling Considers Writing Harry Potter: The Musical”

  6. JR MacBeth says:

    Insider: President Obama To Sign Politically Correct Language Legislation
    Violent Anti-PCL Protesters March on Washington, Hundreds Injured as National Guard Restores Order


  7. “Exclamation points to question marks in a period of sentence ending controversy.”


  8. Ber says:

    We are sorry to say but we can not write articles, stories or poems this week. no it is not the printer, ink, or production that has frozen. It is our brains_____zzz Writers Block sorry for any inconvenience caused please come back when brain cells are reborn

    • Imaginalchemy says:

      Nation-wide Mass Panic Spreads Amidst Rumors of Writer’s Block Epedemic: Reports Confirm Cases of Human Brain Cell Petrification

      *sorry, had to do it :)

  9. EccentricKim says:

    To Save Paper, Books Must Now Be Written in Text-Speak: “May the odz b evr n ur favr, lol.”

  10. Ajonymous says:

    Eight Parts of Speech Downsized to Six as Economy Continues Downward Spiral:
    Verbs threaten action as all others remain speechless.

  11. R.T.LaBee says:

    Koushun Takami, author of Japanese cult classic Battle Royale, says she cannot wait to see director Gary Ross’s live action interpretation despite renaming it ‘The Hunger Games’.

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