Maintain Your Momentum Writing Exercises


If, as you are writing the first draft of your novel, you get stuck or your inspiration feels parched, take a look at what you’ve written thus far and try doing one of the following writing exercises to revive yourself.

Throwing Your Voice

Take a page or scene from your novel and deliberately change the voice. If you are writing in a breezy, informal tone, try a brooding, pessimistic one. Playing at different styles is just another way of loosening yourself up to write. Here are some examples of different voices:

It looks like the kind of hair that if you sniffed it, it would just smell too human to bear.

–Little Altars Everywhere, by Rebecca Wells

The very cream of Doric mausoleums, of gables and pergolas and boxwood gardens and dovecotes and some fragrance heavy and maddening on the evening air.

–The Color Purple, by Alice Walker

POV Switching

Take a page or scene from your novel and tell the same story from someone else’s viewpoint–see the action through someone else’s eyes. Even if your story is about a man stranded alone on a tropical island, for this exercise rewrite the scene from the POV of the sand or a mango spider.

This creative writing exercise came from Your First Novel by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb


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  • How to adapt classic story structures to fit your own ideas
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