So You’ve Learned How to Start a Blog… Now Turn Your Blog into a Book

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In this FREE download, Can Any Blogger Become a Successful Author, blogger (and author) Nina Amir shares with you the 8 questions you need to answer if you’re serious about turning your blog into a book. You already know how to start a blog, now you just need to take the next step. Nina also explains that if you think of your blog like a writer instead of like a businessperson, perhaps your blog is merely writing practice instead of a launching pad for a book.

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Enjoy this tongue-in-cheek list (as well as this FREE download that’s geared to help you turn your blog into a book).


  1. The world doesn’t have enough photo-books of your cat.

  2. The essays about your vacation to Florida where you sat on the beach and drank Choco Locos would make a riveting memoir (according to your mother).

  3. The publishing industry has been dying to find a writer who ignores the rules of capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

  4. Who doesn’t love reading about “Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog for awhile, but I promise to post more frequently in the future” several times a year.

  5. Fan-fiction about Sex & the City is most certainly due for a comeback.

  6. There’s a shortage of books complaining about how the publishing industry “stinks” and how agents are “stupid”—thankfully your blog is rife with content on that front.

  7. Late-light posts about your love life is almost certain to be the next Shades of Grey.

  8. If the Sh*tMyDadSays Twitter guy can land a book deal, shouldn’t everyone? (Though, I have to admit, his book I Suck at Girls is pretty darn hilarious.)

All joking aside, many bloggers dream of the day they can turn their blogs into a book. In fact, you’ve probably spent lots of time focusing on how to start a blog, how to create a blog, how to write a blog, how to make money blogging, blogging tips and more. But there are some serious questions you have to ask yourself about your blog before you can try and take that leap from blog to book.


Already Learned How to Start a Blog? Now Turn it into a Book!

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