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    Good evening, everyone!

    So, I currently have a story that I’m working on. I have a general idea of what it’s about, however, I’m not quite sure which direction I would like for it to take and I’m having a difficult time plotting forward. I ponder endlessly about it, thinking “Well, if I go this way, the….or I can go that way but…” but I can’t seem to move passed this point. My mind get overwhelmed in a mess of details and sometimes I end up just thinking of other things that don’t pertain to my writings/story. It’s extremely frustrating. I know developing a plot/story takes time and it’s not a process to be rushed. However, I’ve been stuck at this point for over a year now and would like to finally make some headway.

    I’m thinking this is either a case of ‘writer’s block’ or possibly due to the fact that I just don’t know enough about my story to move forward. What do you guys think? Are any of you guys currently struggling with this or something similar? What is your advise?

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    I wouldn’t call it writer’s block as much as indecisiveness. If you haven’t been able to move forward in a year because of too many “what if’s”, just pick one and work it. Seriously. Unless a particular route is totally illogical based on what you’ve already got written, just put the car in gear and go. You might run into a lot of potholes – or you may find smooth sailing (to mix metaphors unashamedly) – but that’s the only way you’ll finish the story.

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    T. A. Rodgers
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    From your post I’m guessing that you haven’t started the actual writing. Maybe it will help if you start writing the story. The story comes from within you. Unleash it and you may find the answers you seek.

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    Rob Vargas

    My thought: stop thinking of the story as a story.

    Michelangelo is quoted as saying that he didn’t create his sculptures. They were already there, in the stone. He just revealed them.

    The story’s already there. You need to stop “making” it, and start “revealing” it.

    My experience with writing is schizophrenic. My characters know they are characters in a tale, but they interact with me like real people. Even to the point of arguing with me when I try to make them do something that isn’t them.

    The story isn’t going to let you go somewhere it’s not supposed to go. So trust it. And trust yourself.

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    just make a decision to get the direction set
    then you can add more details next
    and any time you can revise the whole plot if you dont like what is happening

    nothing is ever set in concrete until the publisher prints the thing
    but it is harder to make changes the farther along you are
    so do get the basics locked down well to avoid needless rework

    have you considered a template or other tool to use as a guide?
    they are very helpful for new writers.
    many free ones on the internet. pick one that seems useful and adapt it.

    and tools like dramatica pro are good for experienced writers.

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