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    Hey, working on a new project and wondering if this is interesting to anyone other than me =). It would be a YA paranormal romance.

    Ariel, a senior with cystic fibrosis, finds her independence and strength put the test when a vindictive demon battles for her soul and a brooding winged stranger captures her heart.

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    A single-sentence idea is always a terrible idea…

    Until it isn’t.

    In my opinion, one of the hardest tasks that we face as a writer is finding the courage to go forward with an idea.

    No one can predict what idea will work and what idea has failure in its future. There’s just too many variables that go into the success of a work.

    Do you know how many rejections JK Rowling got for her Harry Potter series?

    > She told another fan on Twitter that she received
    > “loads” of rejections before she finally got published
    > – Little sent the manuscript to 12 different publishers
    > before it ended up with Bloomsbury.

    I realize that I’m not directly answering your question. That’s because I think you’re asking a question that won’t get you to success.

    Go with your gut. Write the story you feel alive inside you. You can’t control the market. You CAN control your writing.

    Mostly. 😀

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    Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement. I am struggling with the courage part but I’ll be back with more of the story!

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    Sounds like a story with potential.

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