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    Alice Holt

    I got writing submission guidelines from a magazine, and here is the quote: “Our book reviews and departments are composed by regular freelancers.” The magazine pays and gives author bylines, but does not say a word about the authors of the articles so I can’t suss out the definition by comparing creds on articles vs. columns. So what is a regular freelancer? Someone who contributes on a regular basis and “owns” the column, or regular as in “regular old Joe Schmoe, come on in if you’re good enough”?

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    Rob Vargas

    I’m not sure what they mean by “regular,” other than as a synonym for someone they routinely utilize.

    A freelancer is a freelancer. They are not actually employed by the organization (magazine publisher, in this case). They are sometimes hired for a particular task (i.e. edit a particular issue or maybe be part of an ongoing subject), or they are permitted to choose from a list of upcoming articles and they are paid per article they submit.

    Having said that, it sounds to me like YOU are one of those (if they accept your article or submission). They won’t hire you as a staff writer. You stay independent, and paid for however many works they accept from you. Might be on a per-word basis, or maybe per article.

    That’s how I read it, anyway.

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    Rob Vargas

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    Did a quick google and several sites on freelancing mentioned magazines having a “stable” of contributors, for whom specific types of articles were reserved. So yeah, I would assume that they don’t want ‘spontaneous’ contributions for those particular sections of the magazines.

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    In another life I was a freelancer. You are hired help as an independent contractor of sorts. You don’t get benefits, or vacation pay or sick days and things like that. I wrote for MSNBC as a freelancer and to go back even further, I was a freelance promotions writer for Ricki Lake in the last years of her tv show.

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    @alice Holt

    In this case, regular means freelancers that they often use.

    For them you would do better not doing book reviews nor department items.
    Other areas would be open to submission with better chances of acceptance.

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