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    Can someone explain why we are receiving email notifications to submit for the WD Competition but it is past the deadlines?

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    Have you contacted WD directly?

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    Thank you. No, I am not aware of how to do that.

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    The only thing I could find which would explain any emails would be if you subscribed to the Competition Newsletter. That would include deadlines for all their contests. There are several which have deadlines in 2018, one still open for 2017. Which of the contests were you looking at?

    Under “contact us”, the email for questions about competitions is WritersDigestWritingCompetition@fwmedia.com

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    THank you very much for this. I ended up figuring it out. The issue is that the notification emails about the competitions do not just link to the competitions still open for submission. It just brings you to the competition section where, when you look through the competitions, the majority of them are past the submission dates which you only know when you click on the title to open them and there are many so it takes time. Eventually, it is possible to find the ones where submission is still open for the competition late 2018.

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