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    Today, I checked on my Goodreads author page and noticed an interesting link under each of my books (see link below). This link apparently shows which libraries (world-wide) carry a particular book. Acccording to this site, 10 libraries in the US. carry my debut book (about college teaching), but none carry my 2nd book (a self-publishing guide). Thought I’d share this link in case other authors here are interested in finding out how many of your books are carried by libraries.


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    Worldcat is great for finding just about any book. I’ve used it for my genealogy work – finding where to buy a book, what libraries carry it so I can do inter-library loans – a great resource, for sure.

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    Well, I just remembered why my 1st book is in libraries, but my 2nd book is not according to the Worldcat site. Keep in mind that where you distribute your book makes a difference in whether libraries have access to buy your books. I distributed my 1st book via Ingram Spark (which has access to libraries) plus KDP and CS. For my 2nd book, I did not use Ingram Spark. Instead, I only distributed my 2nd book book thru KDP and CS. But for this 2nd book, I also chose the EXTENDED DISTRIBUTION option in CS so that my 2nd book would reach the Ingram Spark distribution channels. However, CS Extended Distribution does NOT reach libraries if you use my own ISBN number instead of the free CS ISBN number (which explains why my 2nd book does not show up in libraries in the link above).

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