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    Ten years ago DostxBook suggested we give each other Christmas presents, the present being a short story. So The Holiday Story Exchange started and ran for about five years.

    The original members of the HSE group were:
    Dostxbook (Stephen); mcedave (David); donroger (Don); Britanee (who later changed her name to Stargirl); Hypnic Jerk (David);
    Capitalist_Pig (Abellona); TraciG (Tracy); DebE (Deborah); kingac (John); Camper (Dan);
    JohnOBX (John); Oldtimer (Dorothy – me); Pat Pechon (Patricia); Wildstrawberries (Heather); and Gooblink (Cindy).

    Stephen (Dostxbook) and Cindy Gooblink did all the hard work and set up a special mailbox for the Exchange.

    I wondered whether any of the writers who contributed to the HSE took their stories any further. Did any of you submit your stories to a magazine? I sent mine to an online competition. It was shortlisted, but didn’t win.

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    That sounds like a great idea.

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