Teh state of teh Science Fiction & Fantasy market, Or eBooks they are a gainin'

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    “2018 SFWA Nebula Conference Presentation”
    by Data Guy


    Ebooks are a gainin’ ground. 🙂

    Sci-Fi ebook sales by subgenre:
    1. Military SF
    2. Sci-Fi Adventure
    3. Post Apocalyptic

    Fantasy ebook sales by subgenre:
    1. Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
    2. Epic Fantasy
    3. Sword & Sorcery

    Science Fiction & Fantasy sales have doubled since 2010.

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    I’d give authorearnings a fairly large grain of salt unless they’ve massively upgraded their methods of a) gathering info and b) drawing conclusions from said info.

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    Rob Vargas

    This reads more like an advertisement than a discussion.

    I’m not putting on my moderator hat when I that. I mean that it seems to be more trying to convince than to discuss.

    It leaves me wondering why I should bother to respond.

    See, I don’t think ebook sales should be ignored. They are a permanent fixture in the reader markets across a great many genres.

    But… reading is an experience. Not just visual. There’s some tactile to it as well.

    So what final share will ebooks have? Can’t say. There’ve been ups, such as described here. And downs, as described by CNN a while back:

    Sales of consumer e-books plunged 17% in the U.K. in 2016, according to the Publishers Association. Sales of physical books and journals went up by 7% over the same period, while children’s books surged 16%.

    The same trend is on display in the U.S., where e-book sales declined 18.7% over the first nine months of 2016, according to the Association of American Publishers. Paperback sales were up 7.5% over the same period, and hardback sales increased 4.1%.

    This isn’t an either/or proposition, despite what AuthorEarnings famously (infamously?) wants to say. Frankly, I think we’re better off having both forms of literature.

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    Agree. While some prefer one medium over others, and it’s certainly easier/cheaper for self-publishers to use ebooks, it still boils down to the quality of the read.

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    cant speak to just SFF but the valid data i have seen for the entire industry says that ebook sales had flattened and turned down while print books were coming back again.

    looks more like the new toy (tablets and ereaders that needed content to justify owning) has lost its newness factor and econtent is now competing on cost quality and other more down to earth factors.

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