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    I enjoy rhymes that are creative and have employed rhymes in any poem or song that I have written.

    What is your preference? Do you prefer perfectly metered rhyming or a more open rhyming style? Do you like poetry that doesn’t rhyme at all?

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    I confess I’m a “traditionalist” when it comes to poetry. I detest poetry that just seems like a bunch of almost rambling sentences about some obscure subject. The appeal of poetry to me is that rhythm and rhyme. I like poetry that’s like a song versus an essay.

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    I also enjoy the myriad ways rhymes can be used for artistic flair. Poetry is one area I feel somewhat confident and mainly because I’ve always looked at my poetry as strictly for fun and created quickly. I’ll wax poetic now simply because I’m a little excited to be in communication with a human that seems normal!

    “Ostarella is not a bot”

    The internet is quite the spot
    with pretend people spouting rot,
    you’d think they’re real but no they’re not,
    they exist to disrupt kind discourse and thought.
    To show my excitement I thought that I’d jot
    a quick little rhyme though the internet’s fraught
    with critics and nasties. (there are quite a lot)
    Your nice little comment, it wasn’t for naught
    it showed human behavior I thought I’d forgot
    I shout “Hooray, osterella is not a bot!”

    That was fun, thanks for replying!

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    LOL – thumb’s up! 😀

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    Hey, that’s great! And so true!

    I am also a traditionalist–I like rhymes and meters. On the other hand, e. e. cummings is the man!


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    I feel inspired!

    “My Brothers and Sisters”

    I’ve wondered for years why the colors and places engage our large family in war
    We all are related it’s so plain to see and we’ve known this since two thousand more!
    Now brothers and sisters fight husband and wife. Mothers and fathers deal out grief and strife,
    to what end? The scars this creates last for life and the group is dissected as if with a knife.
    Who’s exploited us all? Are we destined to fall? Who can shoulder this yoke? Is this all a big joke?


    The truth is apparent to me as I ponder,
    my brothers and sisters long quest for our peace,
    to succeed I must fill my own heart with love,
    and when I’m with you loved ones I’ll simply release.


    Mr Mitchell Nov 26, 2017

    I like it! But I’m biased! What do you think?

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