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    Hi, my name is Kelly Brook form (United States)
    provide social media services such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube services on [deleted by Mod]

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    Kelly, it appears that the moderators have chosen to give you a chance. At least, I see the blue text for your name.

    Don’t waste it.

    You’ve already made a bad first impression by not taking any time to become a member of this community. Do you think that’s good behavior for a “Social Media Services Provider”?

    This isn’t a venue for advertising. It’s a writer’s forum.

    Maybe, just maybe, if you take the time to show us that you have something to contribute, you might get one or two of us to look into the services you provide. But I certainly will not as long as you appear to think of me as nothing but a revenue stream.

    Welcome. I hope you take the chance to gather up some credibility.

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